Magic by Roddy McGhie

Coinception Trick
Trick by Roddy McGhie - 39.95

A slow motion, piece-by-piece appearance of a coin at your fingertips. Brought to you by the wildly creative Roddy McGhie, “Coinception” is a...

Minibook Pro Trick
Minibook Pro
Trick by Noel Qualter and Roddy McGhie - 44.95

A truly stunning piece of magic that many are dubbing the trick of the year. Surprise, intrigue, humor, entertainment..."MiniBook Pro" has...

Zerox Trick
Trick by Roddy McGhie - 29.95

Like having a photocopy machine in your hands, “Zerox” by Roddy McGhie is a delightfully fun and unique effect that allows you to seemingly print...

Attire Trick
Trick by Roddy McGhie and Danny Wiser - 24.95

Attire is the ultimate way to introduce a Sharpie. They see a design of a marker on your shirt, and with a simple pull on the image, and you now...

Sticker Kicker Trick
Sticker Kicker
Trick by Roddy McGhie and Jamie Williams - From $14.95

Their signed card becomes a sticker in this wildly trippy and shockingly unique effect that will leave their brains turned inside out. “Sticker...

TNT Trick
Trick by Roddy McGhie - 39.95

A powerful moment of magic that leaves them with an impossible souvenir. This is “TNT” from the wildly creative mind of Roddy McGhie. The “TNT”...

Sew-On DVD
DVD by Roddy McGhie - 35.00

After the whirlwind success of the eye-wateringly visual 'FLUX', magicians everywhere have waited in eager anticipation of what would come next....

Flux Trick
Trick by Roddy McGhie - 33.00

Roddy McGhie is a magician with big fans among magic's big names. Until now, he's been mostly operating 'under the radar', applying his...