Magic by Noel Qualter

Bliss Trick
Trick by Noel Qualter - $150.00

BLISS - Bill Loaded Into Sharpie System SMASH HIT AT BLACKPOOL 2018 Six years in the making, dozens of prototypes and thousands of hours of problem solving, Noel Qualter is finally ready to release BLISS. BLISS is a breakthrough system that allows you to vanish a...

iDeck  Trick
Trick by Noel Qualter - $80.00

From the slightly weird, yet very creative mind of Noel Qualter comes a commercial effect that is off-beat, quirky, funny, entertaining and above all very magical! Effect You joke about buying an early iPod prototype that just arrived this morning. With tongue firmly in...

Alarmed DVD
DVD by Noel Qualter - $57.65

Alarmed is an incredible prediction effect that ends with your spectator receiving an impossible souvenir. Your spectator imagines an alarm clock sitting on their bedside table. They name any day of the week and any time (there is no force). You draw a clock depicting the selected time...

Alarmed Refils Trick
Alarmed Refils
Trick by Noel Qualter and Ade Gower - $49.40

This reload pack contains 50 gimmicks to perform Noel Qualter's & Ade Gower's fantastic Alarmed effect. Please note the reload pack does not come with instructions and is only for people who have already purchased the complete Alarmed Effect.