Minibook Pro

Trick by Noel Qualter and Roddy McGhie
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Minibook Pro

44.95 usd

Trick by Noel Qualter and Roddy McGhie (44.95)

Out of stock. New stock expected approximately Wednesday, January 3, 2024
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Minibook Pro - magic
Minibook Pro Minibook Pro Minibook Pro Minibook Pro Minibook Pro Minibook Pro Minibook Pro Minibook Pro Minibook Pro Minibook Pro Minibook Pro

A truly stunning piece of magic that many are dubbing the trick of the year. Surprise, intrigue, humor, entertainment..."MiniBook Pro" has it all!

Some Quotes

"MiniBook Pro has it all. It's a powerful, funny, easy, visual, topical, and memorable routine with a fantastic, surprise ending. Pro level outside of the box creativity. This is a new classic for the current times everybody will love to perform, especially professionals. The spectators keep the magic which guarantees an unforgettable performance. Highly recommended!" Bob Kohler

"I can't imagine being a layperson and having a card trick change everything I know about the laws of nature. What a fantastic, impossible moment you've created, and it happens right in their hands." Chad Long

It's rare to find a trick that is incredibly surprising, overwhelmingly unusual, easy to do, and leaves your audience with a souvenir they'll keep forever. Welcome to "MiniBook Pro".

What Happens?

A card is selected, signed, and returned to the deck. You invite your spectator to visit a website on their own phone to see the new state-of-the-art laptop you're getting. It's a tiny laptop. It's cute. You then "pull" the mini laptop from their phone screen.

You claim the laptop will find their card. You get them to "type" their card into the device. Sadly, because it is clearly just a funny little toy, it fails. Oh no! The magician is in trouble...

But, just before your audience start to feel bad for you, you point something out. The mini laptop they've had on their hand has morphed into a folded playing card. But, not just any folded playing card. It now is their signed card.

This is an ending no one will ever see coming, and you can leave the card with your spectator as a keepsake.

Roddy McGhie and Noel Qualter have created something very special. "MiniBook Pro".

Some More Quotes

"I love this trick! I will burn your house down if you don't immediately send me one." Piff the Magic Dragon

"Great visual opener, fun interactive presentation and killer ending - what more could any performer want?!" Bill Abbott

"Ohhhh wait..f*ck you. I didn't see that coming tbh. You took two plots I love and made an incredibly fun routine. Love it!" Calen Morelli

"This routine is so smart. It's really everything you could possibly want from a close up effect." Ben Seidman

Any Phone

When Roddy and Noel had the idea of pulling the mini laptop from a phone screen, there knew there was one person who could help make that a reality. The king of apps, Marc Kerstein. And he delivered. It will work on any smart phone, and after you produce the mini laptop, the website "cleans" up the dirty work automatically.

Even More Quotes

"It is delightful to watch their expressions when one thing, in their heads, transforms into something else. This trick is a true reality twister." Tom Stone

"Starts as a trendy gag and flips into a hard hitting miracle that's hiding in plain sight on the palm of their hand. Great thinking!" Apollo Robbins

What You Get

You'll receive the tiny metal laptop, manufactured by a toy company, and customized by the man himself, Roddy McGhie. You'll also get 26 gaffed cards, with refills available separately.

Video Instructions

The download has more than three hours of content covering multiple handling options. There's a "director's commentary" where you get a play by play of a live performance, pointing out the amazing misdirection that is built in and so strong you could drive a bus past and no one would look. Every beat, every nuance, every detail is covered.


  • Use any deck of cards with standard faces
  • Your gaffs will be of many different values
  • You can produce the "MiniBook Pro" from your, or your spectator's phone
  • Learn both signed and unsigned versions
  • Reset in two seconds
  • Can be done in the spectator's hands

What? Even More Quotes?

"As an expert in all things that involve cute miniature props in amazing card tricks, I can unequivocally say this is the most amazing I have seen. Just don't tell my little plunger friend OK?" Jon Armstrong

"A ridiculous premise with a surprise ending, that's my kind of trick, I love it!" John Archer

"MiniBook Pro is a killer! A real worker that you will always get great reaction with." Etienne Pradier

"Roddy showed this to me some months ago. Since then, I've been waiting until he release this soooo badly to start perform it! NOW I CAN." Julio Montoro

"Haha! Brilliant. So clever. Super-commercial and a real, genuine surprise that creates a surreal and astonishing moment of magic." Mark Elsdon

"If I was still gigging I would 100% do it!" Andy Nyman

"This is creativity at its finest! Everything is incredibly unexpected, from the opening to the ending. Great job!" Henry Harrius

"I think this is just fabulous, it's a fully layered routine with so much room to make it your own. It's highly interactive and extremely comical with a massive 'cute' factor. Nobody sees the ending coming." Jamie Allan

"MiniBook Pro is super visual with a great kicker. I could go on but it's just so f****** good." Dan Haus


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