Trick by Roddy McGhie
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Trick by Roddy McGhie (29.95)

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Like having a photocopy machine in your hands, “Zerox” by Roddy McGhie is a delightfully fun and unique effect that allows you to seemingly print your spectator's thoughts.

Roddy McGhie seems to have limitless creativity in his brain, and “Zerox” is no exception. This amazing card magic trick is a streamlined new take on Daryl’s iconic “Presto Printo” effect for close up magic performers. The addition of a light appearing out of nowhere is like a bonus magic trick on its own and truly makes it feel like your printing cards with a Xerox machine in your hands.

Here’s how “Zerox” works…

You start by have one card selected, and one card remembered, from an ordinary deck of cards. A stack of double-blank playing cards is then introduced and you explain to your audience the secret photocopying technology that is built into them.

As you touch one of these double-blank cards to the selected playing card, a light seemingly appears out of nowhere. Just like a copy machine, it zips across the blank card, which is then turned over to show the selected card has been magically printed on the front. The light then shines again, and the previously blank card now has a back as well.

This newly-printed card is placed face-down on the hand of the spectator that remembered a card earlier. Once again, this mysterious light appears for a third, and final, time. Everyone expects to see the thought-of card appear. However, in a shocking surprise ending, the card is actually double-printed with both the selected and remembered card on the face. A one-of-a-kind ending they’ll never forget.

You will love performing “Zerox” and the huge reactions it elicits. It’s unlike any other card trick you already do and the appearance of the light is just as magical as the printing. There are just a few easy sleights required and the specially-made gimmicks handle the rest.

"Zerox is fun, quirky, and clever, just like everything Roddy creates. The McGhie Dynasty is upon us, and I know where my loyalties lie." Eric Stevens

"This is why I love Roddy. Such a fun presentation that audiences will love and remember combined with super visual." Noel Qualter


Customer reviews for Zerox

VI Monthly


Such a cool idea and overall effect. No idea where Roddy gets his ideas but I dig all of his magic. This is a must have!!

VI Monthly


Excellent trick! It's one of those effects where the spectator can walk away and say what the trick was in one sentence. It doesn't take up a lot of pocket space, no difficult moves and a ton of fun!



Zerox is absolutely brilliant & so, so easy to perform, I am 81 years.
But what you receive beside the blank cards & gimmick.
Is... 3.H. 10.S. gimmick 3.H/10.S. , you have to add your own 10.S.
But I have also added my own 3.H.
Then instead of flashing in their eyes or wavy my hand for the double print.
I do another top change... 3.H under 10.S. then scan with card, then show 3.H.

Cards from the top of deck = 3.H. 10.S. 10.S. gimmick 3.H/10.S. 3.H.
I hope this is of some help to someone.
Geoff.... aka Tricky "D".



What can I say? Interesting effect and concept. Also, fun.
Be prepared to practice.


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  • David asks: If one did the original Presto Print in conjunction would the light be able to flash for all the multiple moves required for all the “copying”?

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    • Lawrence asks: Does it really have the light or is that camera work afterwards ?

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Really has the light!
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