Sponge Balloon Dog

Trick by Alexander May
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Sponge Balloon Dog

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Trick by Alexander May (25.00)

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Here's a production item that kids really love! Introducing the Sponge Balloon Dog! It’s exactly what you think: Compressible sponge formed into the familiar shape of the classic balloon animal.

Made of eleven pieces of sausage-shaped sponge that are permanently glued together, it’s seven inches long from the tip of its nose to the end of its tail, and four inches high. But, when you squash it, you can hold it in one hand. That means there are lots of ways to make it appear. When you buy it, we'll send you Danny Orleans' instructions for 12 ways to make it appear using other magic (and non-magic) props you have at home such as paper bags, balloons, production boxes, your smart phone, a Change Bag and more. Here are just a few:

  • Kicker ending to a Sponge Ball routine: Change a bunch of red sponge balls into the sponge dog using a Shuttle Pass.
  • Use sponge balls and the Sponge Balloon Dog in Jeff Hobson’s Balloon Animal in the Bag routine.
  • Hide the Sponge Balloon Dog behind an inflated balloon. Pop the balloon to make it appear.
  • Put some sponge balls and a red balloon animal dog into a Change Bag. Use a sharp pin pop the balloon through the bag. Produce the Sponge Balloon Dog.
  • Drop some sponge balls into a Dove Pan, cover it up and cook up the Sponge Balloon Dog.
  • Palm the Sponge Balloon Dog in your hand as you show a hat or a paper bag empty. Then secretly drop the dog into the bag. Use simple sleight-of-hand to make it look like you’re putting sponge balls into the bag. Wave a wand over the bag and pull out the Sponge Balloon Dog as you show the inside of the hat empty!

At AmazeKids we recommend Sponge Balloon Dog for clowns, kids magicians, and balloon twisters. Once you have this prop in your hands, you’ll enjoy exploring the many possibilities. The only thing we’re not sure of is who will like your Sponge Balloon Dog the most—your audiences, or you!


Customer reviews for Sponge Balloon Dog

VI Monthly


Love having this as a display piece. Being a balloon artist as well it makes it something fun and different because when children expect to see a balloon and here come a balloon sponge dog?!

It is sturdy enough to stand on its own but is crushable enough to fit into a small space. (Not quite small enough for a thumb tip in my experience.)

The only negative thing I can say about it in it is hard on the joints where they glued it together.


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