Magic by Alexander May

Sponge Doughnut Accessory
Sponge Doughnut
Accessory by Alexander May - From $11.95

Kids love doughnuts. It’s a fact. And when they’re topped with shiny chocolate icing, they look and taste even better. That’s why you’ll get a big...

Sponge French Baguette Accessory
Sponge French Baguette
Accessory by Alexander May - 15.95

One of the most popular sponge items - the french loaf. This looks very realistic and producing it from somewhere always gets big...

Sponge Balloon Dog Trick
Sponge Balloon Dog
Trick by Alexander May - 25.00

Here's a production item that kids really love! Introducing the Sponge Balloon Dog! It’s exactly what you think: Compressible sponge formed into the...

Sponge Bananas Accessory
Sponge Bananas
Accessory by Alexander May - From $19.95

Set of 2 bananas. Perfect for the Multiplying Banana Routine! Large size bananas measure approx. Available in sizes Medium and...

Ball to Rubik's Cube Trick
Ball to Rubik's Cube
Trick by Alexander May - 29.95

A super fun, visual and surprising way to open any Rubik's Cube magic routine! A tiny red sponge ball is pushed into your empty fish, where it...

Sponge Cupcake (2 pieces) Accessory
Sponge Cupcake (2 pieces)
Accessory by Alexander May - 11.95

Careful, people might try to eat these! Set of 2 cupcakes, light brown 'cake' part with pink icing and a cherry on top. Another great food...

Sponge Hamburger Accessory
Sponge Hamburger
Accessory by Alexander May - 15.95

Full size hamburger - upsized just for you! Bun, lettuce, tomato, cheese and beef patty. Another great food production item. Measures approx....

Sponge pink Doughnut Trick
Sponge pink Doughnut
Trick by Alexander May - 17.50

It looks absolutely delicious, but don't try to eat it! Here's a realistic-looking sponge doughnut with 'strawberry' topping and 'chocolate'...

Sponge Carrots (2 pieces) Accessory
Sponge Carrots (2 pieces)
Accessory by Alexander May - 14.95

Produce a carrot for your bunny! Or do the Multiplying Carrots (instead of bananas). Good comedy potential. Measures approx. 15cm in length....

Sponge Slice of Cake Accessory
Sponge Slice of Cake
Accessory by Alexander May - 9.95

You might want to actually eat this one! Brown chocolate cake with pink icing, and a cherry on top. Measures approx. 8cm long x 9cm tall x 5cm...

The Vault - ClipStick Switch Magic download (video)
The Vault - ClipStick Switch
Magic download (video) by Alexander May - 19.00

Predict anything with ClipStick Switch, the ultimate switch for Zoom Magic Shows! "Simple, easy to do and effective!" Lior...

Sponge French Fries Accessory
Sponge French Fries
Accessory by Alexander May - 17.95

Feeling a bit hungry? Take out some fries from your purse frame! Realistic looking box full of french fries at your fingertips.  ...

Hot Dog with Mustard Trick
Hot Dog with Mustard
Trick by Alexander May - 16.50

A realistic, life-sized sponge hot dog - a 'grilled' sausage topped with silicone 'mustard'! If your audience is hungry, they might try to eat this...

Sponge Ice Cream Accessory
Sponge Ice Cream
Accessory by Alexander May - 15.95

You know you want one of these!!! End off your show by pulling an ice-cream from someone's ear! This is also a must-have for any kids...

Sponge Apple Accessory
Sponge Apple
Accessory by Alexander May - 11.95

Food production item. Turn the old routines on their heads - use this sponge apple instead of bananas or carrots! Measures approx. 5cm tall x...

Sponge Cement Brick Trick
Sponge Cement Brick
Trick by Alexander May - 10.00

The tried and tested ultimate gag sponge item. Use this realistic brick to throw into your audience to choose your next assistant! Great laughs!...

Sponge Broccoli Accessory
Sponge Broccoli
Accessory by Alexander May - 12.00

Teach the kids about healthy veggies by doing the well-known multiplying bananas - but with broccoli! Or use a change bag to transform the broccoli...

Sponge Pumpkin Trick
Sponge Pumpkin
Trick by Alexander May - 13.00

This sponge pumpkin is the perfect item for your Halloween shows! Use this sponge instead of those normal red balls to suit the theme! Measures...

Sponge Hammer Accessory
Sponge Hammer
Accessory by Alexander May - 14.95

Brilliant comedy potential! Great prop for children's entertainers. Substitute this hammer for a wand and get them laughing. Measures...

Sponge Rubik's Cube Trick
Sponge Rubik's Cube
Trick by Alexander May - 24.95

The sponge item you have been waiting for! Highly realistic Rubik's Cube made from sponge! Measures approximately 7cm x 7cm.

Ear of Corn Trick
Ear of Corn
Trick by Alexander May - 15.95

Ready for your gags or corny jokes, this sponge corn on the cob can be used with dove pans, change bags, whatever your imagination...