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Magic download (video) by Eric Stevens
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Color Stix

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Magic download (video) by Eric Stevens (11.95)

Color Stix - magic
Color Stix Color Stix Color Stix

Eric Stevens transforms one of the most commonly overlooked props into a powerhouse routine with Color Stix.

You’ll never look at the classic Hot Rod effect the same way again after downloading Color Stix. This is a must watch for any close-up magic performer looking to add a showstopping magic trick to their routine.

Color Stix is professional quality, masterfully structured routine using a Hot Rod that is highly visual and incredibly engaging. You’ll be able to make the Hot Rod magically change, visually multiply, vanish and then reappear in impossible locations.

Eric will go into intricate detail about all the important moves and sleights as he walks you through the entire Color Stix routine. He’ll even teach you extra techniques and subtleties, including how to make your paddle move virtually invisible.

Additionally, at the very end, Eric will reveal his SECRET WEAPON that allows him to look like a superstar to bookers, using nothing but a Hot Rod. This advice alone is worth more than the entire download.

It’s time to dust off your Hot Rod and discover its true potential with Color Stix.

Don’t believe us? Check out the buzz Eric has created among the biggest names in Magic:

"I never would have thought a hot rod routine could look so magical." David Penn

"This guy can fill a stage with a single rose. He was able to captivate us with... a Hot Rod. Combining both hands, his technique is absolutely awesome and flawless!" Rocco Silano

"Absolutely Fantastic. That Multi-colored stick has just gone from junk drawer to headliner!" David McCreary

"Eric Stevens has taken the Hot Rod from a minor mystery to a fully thought out, magically stunning, and commercially entertaining piece of visual wizardry!" Scott Alexander

"His Color Stix routine is pure eye candy, and proves once again that it isn't the trick, it's the person behind the trick. Eric's routine will make you want to dig out this old classic and start creating real magic. Eric is Magic!" Lou Serrano

NOTE: Color Stix is a DOWNLOAD only. A Hot Rod is NOT included.


Customer reviews for Color Stix



I have always maintained that the Hotrod was a very magical effect. It is nice to finally see a project come along that highlights the Hotrod. I have worked hard on my own routines taking advantage of the clever ways that the rod can be shown. This routine is nice in that it uses all the ways to change and ultimately vanish the rods. A nice touch. All in all, I think this will show how fun and magical the Hotrod can and should be. Go forth and shine.



I love hot rod routines in all forms, Pizza Paddle, Baffling Blocks, Turbo Stick, etc. But this one, this one takes it to the next level.

Eric is a great instructor and teaches you everything you need to know. Very well thought out routine. The phone zoom change is worth the price of admission.



This is absolutely beautiful magic. You need to have the Hot Rods and these are actually hard to find these days. Aside form that, just pure art, wonderfully and thoughtfully presented. Really great magic at a fantastic price. Eric Stevens clearly put a great deal of time and energy into developing this performance and has some really great tips on making the moves look more natural. He explains everything in incredible detail and demonstrates these moves so that they are easy to see and reproduce. The simplicity makes it so remarkable. I highly recommend this truly wonderful piece of magic.



Very interesting way to present a classic in magic. With this new plot, it makes more sense to present the object to your audience and the routine is fun to do. Plus it fits in your pocket! All advantages. I've never liked any paddle tricks, but since I saw this new approach, is one of my favourite routines to do in any situation.



absoluty awesome!!!! This is incredible! A true evoulution in the paddle!! Thank you eric for taking the paddle in new directions & opening up new ways of doing a classic!!!!



Thanks for Vanishing inc Magic for selling a video like this. It has had me come with several different ways to do the hotrod trick. However simple it inspires you to ask yourself what else can use this hotrod prop for? Awesome inspiring and great instructional video.


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  • Dov asks: how many hot rods do you need for his routine

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You need two matching hot rods.
  • Michael asks: Where can the Hot Rods that Eric uses be found for purchase?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Unfortunately we do not sell the exact ones at the moment.
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