Magic by Eric Stevens

Color Stix Magic download (video)
Color Stix
Magic download (video) by Eric Stevens - 11.95

NOTE: Color Stix is a DOWNLOAD only. A Hot Rod is NOT included. Eric Stevens transforms one of the most commonly overlooked props into a powerhouse...

Eric Stevens Live Lecture Live lecture
Eric Stevens Live Lecture
Live lecture by Eric Stevens - 7.95

Eric Stevens has been mastering his art for nearly two decades. He brings his dry wit and smooth magic to his At The Table lecture. With a wide range...

Slipstream: Torn, Stapled and Restored Trick
Slipstream: Torn, Stapled and Restored
Trick by Eric Stevens - 49.95

The most visual, unique, and practical torn and restored card you’ll ever see. This massive hit at Magifest is now available worldwide. "I...

Thought Space Book
Thought Space
Book by Eric Stevens - 39.95

My 158-page book contains the following: WHAT IS THOUGHT SPACE?:My introduction explaining the title and purpose of the book. KILL BILL:In which a...

Happenstance Book
Book by Eric Stevens - 15.00

HAPPENSTANCE has been a part of Eric's repertoire for a long time, and for good reason: It's a WORKER. This is a FIFTY...

Flushed Out Trick
Flushed Out
Trick by Eric Stevens - 39.95

Simple. Direct. Effective. Three words that truly describe how great "Flushed Out" by Eric Stevens is. With a simple, and what looks to be...

Cyclops Trick
Trick by Eric Stevens - 38.99

A classic idea receives a 21st century makeover for the modern magician and mentalist. Any book. Any page. Any line. This special...