Magic by Eric Stevens

At The Table - January 2019 Live lecture
At The Table - January 2019
Live lecture by Eric Stevens and The Other Brothers - $9.95

Pull up a seat and experience these spine-tingling lecturers, right here At The Table. The Other Brothers are back! Over the last few years their meteoric rise has catapulted them into being considered one of the best magic duos out there. Along with their unique humor and infectious...

Color Stix Magic download (video)
Color Stix
Magic download (video) by Eric Stevens - $11.95

Eric Stevens transforms one of the most commonly overlooked props into a powerhouse routine with Color Stix. You’ll never look at the classic Hot Rod effect the same way again after downloading Color Stix. This is a must watch for any close-up magic performer looking to add a showstopping magic...

Eric Stevens Live Lecture Live lecture
Eric Stevens Live Lecture
Live lecture by Eric Stevens - $7.95

Eric Stevens has been mastering his art for nearly two decades. He brings his dry wit and smooth magic to his At The Table lecture. With a wide range of effects-from coins to cards and even a little bit of theory sprinkled in-there is something here for everyone. Eric is also very well known for...

Thought Space Book
Thought Space
Book by Eric Stevens - $39.95

My 158-page book contains the following: WHAT IS THOUGHT SPACE?:My introduction explaining the title and purpose of the book. KILL BILL:In which a word written on a randomly selected piece of bill perfectly matches a prediction written by the magician. CHARMING REDUX:My handling of Troy Hooser's...

Happenstance Book
Book by Eric Stevens - $15.00 NOW $3.75 (SAVE $11.25)

HAPPENSTANCE has been a part of Eric's repertoire for a long time, and for good reason: It's a WORKER. This is a FIFTY PAGE physical booklet that teaches you how to take a commonly-neglected prop in magic and turn it into a powerful and memorable tool of mental...