Magic by Eric Stevens

Color Stix Magic download (video)
Color Stix
Magic download (video) by Eric Stevens - $11.95

Eric Stevens transforms one of the most commonly overlooked props into a powerhouse routine with Color Stix. You’ll never look at the classic Hot Rod...

Eric Stevens Live Lecture Live lecture
Eric Stevens Live Lecture
Live lecture by Eric Stevens - $7.95

Eric Stevens has been mastering his art for nearly two decades. He brings his dry wit and smooth magic to his At The Table lecture. With a wide range...

Thought Space Book
Thought Space
Book by Eric Stevens - $39.95

My 158-page book contains the following: WHAT IS THOUGHT SPACE?:My introduction explaining the title and purpose of the book. KILL BILL:In which a...

Happenstance Book
Book by Eric Stevens - $15.00

HAPPENSTANCE has been a part of Eric's repertoire for a long time, and for good reason: It's a WORKER. This is a FIFTY...

Flushed Out Trick
Flushed Out
Trick by Eric Stevens - $39.95

Simple. Direct. Effective. Three words that truly describe how great "Flushed Out" by Eric Stevens is. With a simple, and what looks to be...

Cyclops Trick
Trick by Eric Stevens - $38.99

A classic idea receives a 21st century makeover for the modern magician and mentalist. Any book. Any page. Any line. This special...