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Book by Al Schneider
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Al Schneider Magic

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Book by Al Schneider (80.00)

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In the world of magic literature, where there's an overabundance of the ordinary, every so often, a book comes along that clearly stands out from the rehashed and recycled norm. A book that, even on casual perusal, demands to be studied for a lifetime. A book that represents the life's work of one of magic's most gifted artists. It's a rare occurrence when a magic book of such high caliber is produced, but at long last, the wait is over. It's time for Al Schneider Magic.

Al Schneider's place in magic history would be secure if the now-classic "Matrix" effect was all he ever created but, as it turns out, "Matrix" was merely the tip of the iceberg. Al Schneider has devoted his life to not only creating great magic but in uncovering exactly what it is that makes magic effective for audiences and it's that analytical approach to creating powerful magic that informs all of the effects taught in this landmark work. Al Schneider Magic secures his reputation as not only one of magic's great creators but also as one of its great theoreticians.

There are tricks with coins, cards, cups and balls, napkins, bracelets, finger rings, and more. One could easily build a complete close-up act from the material presented here. And, if you think you know what "Matrix" is all about, wait until you read the comprehensive treatment of the effect that you'll find in this book, including a discussion about its complete history, the philosophy of the effect, its many variations, and more...and all from its creator.

In a day and age when single-trick DVDs can cost $30.00 or more, you'll find more magical value in this book than perhaps any other single investment you've ever made in magic. It may be that Al Schneider said it best. When asked to summarize the value he believed Al Schneider Magic held, he simply said, "You are guaranteed to get something from this book that you will use for the rest of your life. What is that worth?" Hard cover binding, full-color dust jacket.

Contents of Al Schneider Magic

  • Some Magic Theory
  • The Five Steps of Deception
  • Intention of Reality
  • Intention of Magic
  • Five Steps to Mastery
  • An Important Philosophical Thought
  • Finger Palm
  • Classic Palm
  • Intention Vanish
  • Schneider Vanish
  • Toss Change
  • Schneider Classic Vanish
  • Pop Up Move
  • Spellbound Drop Change
  • Spellbound Thumb Change
  • Max Al Ping Chien I
  • Max Al Ping Chien II
  • Twirl Load
  • Thumb Flick
  • Snap Back Vanish
  • Cup and Ball Moves
  • Rest Positions
  • Ball Palms
  • Schneider Vanish
  • Cup Pickup and Replace
  • Tip Load
  • Catch Drop Vanish
  • Turnover Move
  • Tweezers Steal
  • Tweezers Steal with Large Ball
  • Tweezers Load
  • Twist Pickup
  • Subtlety Pickup
  • Rotate Load
  • Double Load
  • Palm Shift
  • Expansion of Texture
  • Ring and Pencil
  • With One Hand
  • Vanishing Card
  • Sly Napkins
  • Vanishing Saltshaker
  • Ring Gag
  • Split Silver
  • Classic Coins Across HPC
  • Beyond a Shadow of Doubt
  • Beyond a Shadow of Doubt for Real
  • Special Export
  • Special Export Plus
  • Junior Cross Cards
  • Shell Pick Up
  • Classic Cross Cards
  • Flick Cross Cards
  • One Half Gone
  • Spread the Joy
  • Card to Card Case
  • Face to Face Aces
  • Universal Card
  • Insurance Policy
  • Marked Deck
  • Riffle Force
  • Snake Basket
  • Card Wipe
  • Classic Matrix
  • Stargate
  • Halo
  • Cone-n-Coin
  • Osmosis
  • LA Street Cups

Customer reviews for Al Schneider Magic



This book is great - it teaches a wide range of tricks, and a lot of theory. The initial theory section has some really valuable ideas in it ("intention of reality" seems obvious once you read it but it's awesome once you start actively thinking about it). The coin sleights section is also great. Personally I don't think I'll use any of the coins across routines, but there are a lot to choose from for people who want to do a tabled routine. The main thing I bought this for was the card work and Matrix, and those two both really deliver. The one let down is the formatting, which is in dire need of modernization to make things clearer and easier to follow. Other than that, it's an excellent book.



I love Al Schneider. His style is unassuming but his magic is very impactful. I got back into magic because I saw him on an old L&L dvd doing a coins across that had me baffled. This is books is wonderful and covers his theory of magic and a number of routines. There is a lifetime of magic in this book. It's beautifully hardbound. This won't disappoint. Excellent for beginners as well as none of the magic is knuckle busting.

VI Monthly


Al Schneider is a true master. His routines are beautiful and well thought out. Even if you choose to use routines from other magicians or your own, Al’s subtleties and touch are just as valuable as the routines. If you wanna take your magic to the next level, you have to study this book.

VI Monthly


This is a beast of a book. It's well written, and explains a ton of material. But I didn't buy it for that.

I wanted to read his philosophy and thoughts on magic, moves, and deception.

And he delivers. Now mind you, I don't agree with some of it, but it makes me think, which a book JUST full of tricks rarely does.

And I particularly liked that when there was a disagreement between what he thinks and what he does, he admits.


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