FPS Coin Wallet

Trick by Brent Braun and The Magic Firm
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FPS Coin Wallet

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Trick by Brent Braun and The Magic Firm (30.00)

Some options in stock.
FPS Coin Wallet - magic
FPS Coin Wallet FPS Coin Wallet FPS Coin Wallet FPS Coin Wallet FPS Coin Wallet FPS Coin Wallet FPS Coin Wallet FPS Coin Wallet FPS Coin Wallet FPS Coin Wallet FPS Coin Wallet


"Brent's new coin carrier is a lovely intersection of form and function. It's NOT a coin purse, which is fun, and it also has a devious secret that will appeal to all coin workers. I love mine."
- Joshua Jay

IMPORTANT PRE-ORDER NOTE: Black will be available May 3, 2021. Crazy Horse Leather Brown is not estimated to be released until May 25, 2021.

To say Brent Braun's FPS Wallet was a smash-hit would be a drastic understatement. It essentially revolutionized the card-to-wallet forever. And now, he's doing the same for coin purses with the FPS Coin Wallet.

This gorgeous utility is a coin purse you'll actually want to carry with you. It's chic, stylish and slim aesthetic is the perfect companion to the FPS Card to Wallet. It holds up to five half dollar or four dollar size coins while fitting comfortably in your pocket.

However, Brent was not satisfied with creating just_ any other_ coin purse.

So, he teamed up with Ryan Plunkett (author of Distilled), to develop a special gimmick with a world of possibilities. Each FPS Coin Wallet has a special hidden feature that allows you to easily and quickly sneak coins in or out of the coin wallet. This means you can vanish, produce or switch any coin, billet or other small object invisibly at a moment's notice. Imagine the power you'd possess if you could get a coin gaff into play right under your spectator's nose.

You don't need to be an accomplished coin magic master or sleight of hand expert to use the FPS Coin Wallet either. It's practical enough for workers while being easy enough for any beginner magician to use.

Each FPS Coin Wallet comes with full video instructions where Brent showcases some of his favorite coin tricks and a multitude of other ideas using sharpies, small toys and more. Gregory Wilson also shares a diabolical routine with a borrowed finger ring, a coin and a kicker ending that will knock your audience on their butts.

Two stunning versions are available (both of which perfectly match their FPS Wallet counterparts)

The FPS Brown Coin Wallet is made from Crazy Horse Leather, the highest-quality natural leather in the world. This full-grain cowhide has a coating of natural wax that was buffed and polished. This finish ages perfectly from use. This tone of this leather with adjust with normal wear and tear, creating that signature rich, multi-hued sheen that the finest leathers are known for.

Crafted from 100% real top-grain leather, the FPS Back Coin Wallet is the perfect complement to the sleek interior of the Black FPS Wallet.

"Beautifully crafted, simple in design, and diabolical in function. Uses for this great utility item are limited only by your imagination!" Michael Rubinstein

"It really looks, works, and FEELS great. Millions of possibilities. Highly recommended!"Nate Kranzo

"The FPS Coin Wallet is a versatile and practical tool perfect for your everyday carry." Caleb Wiles

"Brent did it again. First his FPS Card To Wallet and now this reimagined coin wallet. Incredibly well made and devious construction allows for incredible magic."Ryan Schlutz

"New magic tricks that excite me the most are the ones that open the door to infinite possibilities for the performer. FPS Coin Wallet is not a trick...it's a perfect example of one of those gems that bust the doors of potential wide open! I absolutely love this devious little wallet!"Adam Wilber


Customer reviews for FPS Coin Wallet

VI Monthly

Laura Bautista

If you have magic numbers with coins in your routines, you will definitely need this wallet. It is made with high quality materials (leather!!), it is beautiful, really useful and super effective and deceiptive. In the instruction video there are numerous application ideas and methods that will be of great help to you. It is a great purchase that cannot be missing from your repertoire.



This is a quality product. Really well made and the gimmick works well. I would not necessarily hand this out for inspection but the prop is pretty unassuming. I am really glad I got this and will certainly look to buy another one. Really nice holder for my N2G coins and other sets. I can highly recommend this product. Get it!



Honestly, the FPS coin wallet is one of my favorite purchases ever. I'm amazed that the secret mechanic of the wallet still functions as well as it did on Day 1 even after a year of using it. I actually own this in both colors and prefer the dark brown to the black. It's not just a cosmetic difference; the dark brown wallet is harder leather while the black wallet is softer leather. I find the functionality more consistent with the brown wallet.



Recently got my FPS wallet. LOVE it. I have been carrying my coins in my watch pocket of my jeans, which I still have a few coins there. This wallet is made of beautiful brown leather that is going to change color nicely as it gets worn. The wallet is really well made, sturdy, and I don't see any defects in stitching or the leather itself. The wallet is definitely stiff when you first get it, but after messing around with it for an hour or so the leather started to loosen up which made practicing with the wallet easier. I believe half dollars fit the best, but I've put both half dollar and dollar size coins in the wallet. It's snug with the dollar size coins, but I imagine if you kept working the leather a little longer it would work well. This is great with half dollars, and looks nice.



I really love the way this looks. The gimmick, for some reason, I can’t quite get to work the right way. Maybe it’s because I got the brown one instead of the black one. I’m not giving up on it though, when it works properly, it’s pretty cool!



This is great. The wallet is high quality and very clever. Being able to use the wallet to produce a gaff during your routine makes this wallet great for workers. And the sharpie production is just insane.



I was undecided to buy FPS Wallet, after a few e-mails for advice, with the Vanishing staff (people always available for any questions or problems) I bought it. And since I received it and saw the video instructions (very simple and very well explained) it has become my main coin holder. Great product, Great quality and very well finished. Thanks for your help Guys.



I’m very happy with this product. The quality is superb, the gimmick works well and reliably, and the whole thing looks nicer than the coin purses I’ve used before. I’ll immediately be using this to simply carry around my coins, but I’m also so excited to learn how the gimmick can improve some of the routines I already do.



This is very nice. A coin wallet made of good quality material. The gimmick is unnoticeable as long as performed correctly with many magical possibilities! Can be used as a great opener for coin Magic!



Very nice but definitely don't hand out or perform very close up or they may discover the secret. Perfect for parlor.


Community questions about FPS Coin Wallet

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  • Sebastian asks: Will Silver Eagles fit into this coin purse? 4 and the gimmick.

    • 1. Jim answers: They might be a little tight.
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  • Vernon asks: Are there two sizes, i.e. dollar size & 1/2 dollar size? How many coins can be comfortably stored inside it prior to performance?

    • 1. Jim answers: No, there is one size. I would say four coins with a fifth hidden.
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  • Barry asks: Can it be used to produce 4 coins for imagination coins?

    • 1. Daniel Jose answers: Well they Confirmed it can hold 4 coins plus a gimmicked one secretly hidden so it's exactly The case of imagination coins from garret thomas if that's what You were referring to!
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  • Markus asks: Can I load/steal 4 coins, one by one? Thx

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You can load and steal 4 coins one at a time by adding pressure on the sides.
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