Thompson Change

Magic download (video) by Steve Thompson
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Thompson Change

14.95 usd

Magic download (video) by Steve Thompson (11.96 - normally $14.95)

A breathtaking visual change that is surprisingly easy to do.

Using virtually no sleight of hand, you can transform a bill at your fingertips like real magic. It works with bills of any size or value. You can even perform the change with a piece of paper and have it visually print into a bill.

With the launch of the “Thompson Change”, Steve Thompson further cements his legacy as one of the most creative magicians in the world. His other popular releases like “Glance”, “Appearing Glass”, and “Flite”, were instant bestsellers and this will be no different.

In this download, you’ll learn how to create the super simple gimmick that makes it all possible. Don’t let the fact that a little DIY is needed deter you either. If you can fold a piece of paper and use a glue stick, you can create this gimmick. Our Chief Marketing Officer’s eight-year-old daughter was able to do it on the first try.

While the "Thompson Change" clearly has the potential to be the next viral video on your social channels, it also makes for a great opener in your close-up set.

Steve has a reputation for evolving existing ideas into something remarkable. Adding his signature Midas touch to the world of bill changes has resulted in an amazing effect we are excited to bring to you exclusively at Vanishing Inc.

Download “Thompson Change” today!

Note: While it is possible for this effect to be performed with polymer bills, it is best suited for paper bills.


Customer reviews for Thompson Change



Clever. Simple, smart and adaptative, I love it.



beautifully explained



I'm very happy I got this download. I managed to snag it during the Black Friday sale which was even better!
Overall the instructions are clear and the teaching is understandable and effective. I really enjoy the simplicity of this trick and it's visually quite stunning. I'm not a legerdemain wizard so the only thing I'm struggling with is figuring out what to do with the bill once I finish as I feel people will immediately want to grab it (at least the people I know lol). One thing I'd thought of was a motivation to pocket the bill and then get it back out but switched, I'm just not sure yet. So perhaps a little more instruction on options for the effect would've been nice, but at the price I paid I can't complain about that. Overall excellent.



Great trick! The Instructional video was very helpful and explained it with great detail. It will take me a little bit to be able to preform the trick because it has some angles
to it, but once I get it it will be a powerful trick to carry around. I definitely recommend getting this trick.



I love both how visual this effect is but how it can be used for more than just simple bill to higher....heck its just awesome for what ever you want.



So simple yet so deceptive. A perfect EDC. Have this one ready for that moment when someone says "Do a trick!"
A very small bit of arts and crafts required but nothing the average magician doesn't have in their drawer and the construction is simple - literally a bit of cut & paste.



The Thompson Change is a mesmerizing visual magic trick that achieves an astonishing transformation with surprisingly little effort. Renowned magician Steve Thompson, known for his creative releases like Glance, Appearing Glass, and Flute introduces another masterpiece to his collection.

What sets the Thompson Change apart is its simplicity, requiring virtually no sleight of hand. Magicians of all levels can perform this trick as it works seamlessly with bills of any size and value. . The added bonus? You can execute the change with a simple piece of paper watching it visually morph into a bill.

Steve Thompson shares the secret behind the trick, guiding viewers through the creation of a super simple gimmick that makes the magic happen. The best part is that the DIY aspect is beginner-friendly. If you can you fold a piece of paper and a glue stick then you can create this gimmick.

Clocking it around 15 minutes, the video is not only a step-by-step process of building the gimmick but also delves into essential aspects like handling and angles. He provides an overview of what the download entails and quickly demonstrates the handling, ensuring that the viewers get a comprehensive understanding of the trick.



Smoothest change I've ever seen!!



I loved this! It's a lot easier than I thought and it's so visually powerful.



Awesome teaching session. I haven't made the gimmick myself yet (or performed it obviously) but it looks very easy to make. Also looks like it will take a good bit of practice to be as smooth as the teacher, but all good magic is worth the practice. Thanks for making this available for $0.99!



Very good trick.and the tutorial is great,many thanks to vanishing magic for a great trick.


Laura Bautista

So smart and powerful! Thompson Change is a super amazing and deceptive bill effect. With a minimum of crafts you can produce the necessary gimmick yourself so that in a matter of minutes you can be performing this great trick. A ridiculous price for such a great routine. Very happy with the purchase and with the multitude of possibilities that open up with it.



This bill change is ingenious. It is simply made, well explained, and ridiculously easy to do. The bill change is best suited with relatively fresh bills, however. Anyways, great portable change, would give a 6/5 if I could.



I bought this on a whim because I got bored and wanted to get back into magic. I really like this concept because it is simple, easy to practice and it looks really good. I built my first practice gimmick in 5 minutes. The instruction video is easy to follow as well. This overall is a worthwhile purchase.



Really neat to see! They double-take and are always blown away! The change is smooth and almost instant WHILE they are staring at it! The second change is expected yet still amazes their eyes!
I found a lighter touch works best, forcing things can often cause unexpected exposures. Practice with it a lot, the worn creases make for easier and “cooperative” folding. Plus it’s simple to create extra copies, so leave one in your wallet, etc. Great trick, fabulous, nothing else this simple and visually impressive. There’s no way you will regret this one. Promise.











Easy to do, easy set up! Now to practice, practice, practice!!!!





Nice change. It is similar to dollar to credit card, but I still give 5 stars.



This is lovely! Very visual, extremely clearly explained. Also terrifically versatile and customizable, with simple and straightforward preparation. Great work.



Simple construction. 15 min at home prep. Very visual with multiple handling. Paper to bill, different currency to an alternative denomination. Worth the cost….. I’ll be placing this prop in my wallet for years to come.



great bill switch







végtelenül meggyozo, tisztán bemutatható, több mint meghökkento pénz trükk teljesen új felfogású elokészítéssel ami buvészeknek is új . Külön érdem a teljesen tiszta egyben elegáns manipuláció a bemutatáshoz. Egyetlen szépséghiba, hogy a nézonek nem adható kézbe a kellék, viszont a termék jellege alkalmas számos tiszta csere elvégzéséhez is, tehát a dolog orvosolható társasági körülmények között is. Gratulálok: Dr. Pintér Ferenc





Clever gimmick-bit of arts n crafts to make.
No performances with spectators maybe some on Youtube?
Need to switch to hand out, with a bit of creativity do this with receipts, lottery tickets etc as Steve says.
Do take exception to central bankster money being real money? Well make that your anarchist routine player! Crypto, gold, silver the real wealth is always herenow within. Thanks again for sharing this illusion of (fake) wealth!



Wonderful! I've bought quite a few bill changes over the years but this has to be one of the best. Very well explained and easy to make up.



Off the charts clever and simple. Exactly as advertised and described. Returning the bill to its original state/position allows you to display both sides. While the bill cannot be handed out, it really doesn't matter because the mechanism is difficult to discern from the spectator view. I am not a DIY person, but in this case the juice is worth the squeeze.








Great solution! Love it!







five stars I love it!



Perfekt explanation and super easy it’s will be in my



Visual AF and easy handling. It’s an instant EDC that you can make and put directly into your wallet (or purse). The beauty is you can use different sized bills, receipts, paper or brochures. It’s clean.





Nice trick. The explanation is clear enough to follow. Relatively easy to make and perform. During the explanation of constructing the gimmick, he uses an American one-dollar bill and a blank piece of white paper saying the contrast makes it easier to see the construction. However, using a blank paper leaves a question as to the orientation of the bills as there are no markings on the white paper indicating which side is front or back, top or bottom. You may have to refer to other parts of the video to see how the bills match up and relate to each other. The effect is quick, not a whole bunch of folding, it's visual and fun to practice. It may be important to some to note that due to the gimmick, it cannot be handed out and there is also one step during the presentation where one of the bills cannot be shown on both sides. It's always ready to perform, there basically is no reset, after performing it you can put it away and it is already set to go again.



The change itself is fantastic, better than many others out there. However, I feel the teaching of the "arts and crafts" could be much better. Without giving away the method, the orientation and placement of some pieces is unclear because of the example materials used. An additional explanation using actual materials would be greatly appreciated.



I like this, but teaching it with a blank bill and a buck was a mistake. It is very difficult to figure out the orientation during construction because there is no way to know which piece goes where. My first attempt was completely the opposite of what it should have been. Oh well, maybe it’ll keep less guys doing it.

VI Monthly


Very good gimmicked dollar change. Construction is actually quite easy.

Learning how to construct this will take you about 20-40 minutes. Once you get it down, you will probably be able to make a gimmick in under 5 minutes. I would recommend practicing the constructing using paper money (motion picture bills, monopoly money, etc.) so that you are at the peak of your learning curve before you start cutting up actual money. The keys are making sure that the orientation of the bills was correct and making sure that everything lines up. Oddly, real money is a little more forgiving its paper counterpart so if you can construct this in paper, the real thing is actually easier.

The change itself is about as simple as simple could be. That will take you about 5 minutes to learn and another 20 minutes or to refine it in front of a mirror. It does not look visually compelling from the magician's point of view but is fast and quite surprising from the audiences point of view. We're talking about an essentially effortless change that looks almost like CGI. Very compelling.

On the up side, the change is simple and mind blowing. On the down side, you absolutely cannot hand out the gimmick to the audience unless you do a quick change for a regular bill. Additionally, you can show only part of the back of the 'changed' bill--to show full front and back you have to change back to the original bill. Not a deal breaker by any means but an important consideration.

The instruction, overall, was excellent. The one thing missing though, was showing how to orient one of the parts of the gimmick. It will still work, but if one part is upside down you will end up changing your upside up bill for an upside down one. (As above, constructing this out of cheaper materials will help you understand how to orient everything before you start burning through real currency.)

Really well done and effective bill change, an easy to make gimmick, and well taught. Recommended.



Without giving much away, this is an excellent, highly visual transformation of one bill into another that looks like pure magic. The trick that has two main drawbacks: 1) preparation requires some "arts and craft" as the performer will be building a gimmick; 2) the bill is not examinable. The classical Kozlowski Bill switch is still my preferred method. I liked the video a lot and if you can get this at a discount, go for it.



Good Idea. I think it works very well when the audience are in front



Very visual change. I will be making this up and seeing how to routine it. I do belive it is a worker in the rite hands. Not so much of a beginner change but with practice it can be done. The angles are great to a point depending on how you do the change. He goes over everything to make it as smooth as possible nothing is left out and is taught in great detail. If you are looking for a very fun and visual change pick this up you won't regret it.



Similar to some other bill change methods, but with a key addition that makes the change more visual at the expense of being examinable. You can show it cleanly, but cannot hand it out. Also, there's a disassembly of a bill, so this could be a little expensive if, say, going from a one to a one hundred. Overall, glad I purchased it.



It's alright, but one of the main drawbacks is that doing this with polymer bills while possible, would completely change the look of the trick. Without giving too much away, you wouldn't be able to be so free with the handling. I was disappointed that the explanation video doesn't mention polymer bills at all. Also, there is no live performance video included. It looks like you shot one for the trailer so why not include it. The only performance we get is the trailer, and a 10 second demo at the start of the main video.



Taught clearly and in depth. Down side is that the bill cannot really be handed out for examination, which is a natural conclusion to such a change. Seems there are alternative methods that overcome the drawbacks in this method.


Community questions about Thompson Change

Have a question about this product? It's possible others do too. Ask here and other Vanishing Inc. Magic customers will be able to respond with assistance! Alternatively, email us and we can help too.

  • Mark asks: After the change can the bill be handed out?

    • 1. Bruce F answers: The bill cannot be handed out, but with a little practice, switching a real bill would be an easy addition.
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  • Michael asks: Can the changed bill be handed out or switched and handed out?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It can be switched out for an examinable bill.
  • Franklin asks: Does the video cover exactly how a switch could be made in order to hand things out?

    • 1. Terry answers: No it doesn't,you would need to look into ways of doing this
    Post an answer to this question
  • Jordi asks: does this works for bills with different sizes?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Sure does.
  • Andrew asks: Will it work with UK notes?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes, as you can see, Steve uses Euros in the trailer.
  • Duncan asks: Does this work with UK notes (£5, £10, £20) - since they're plastic, does that affect the method?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It can work with UK notes, but it is better with paper.
  • Philip asks: I would like to see it done with polymer bills before I decide to purchase this. Are you able to post a video of this please?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: At this time, we do not have one filmed.
  • Ian asks: Is it an instant reset?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The reset is instant.
  • Terry asks: Can the changed note be shown on both sides

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It can. You can see this in the trailer.
  • Gene asks: This is a lovely change! By "instant reset" does this mean that you can perform the bill change get back to displaying the original bill that was first shown, before the change to another bill denomination?

    • 1. Mark answers: I don’t own this but what you described is the first thing shown on the demo
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  • Alexander asks: Can something other than - or in conjunction with - a bill be used? Such as a blank slip of paper or a ticket?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It works with bills of any size or value. You can even perform the change with a piece of paper and have it visually print into a bill.
  • Scott asks: Can Polymer notes be used for this? This is a deciding factor for many minds who don’t have traditional paper. Thankyou

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: While it is possible for this effect to be performed with polymer bills, it is best suited for paper bills.
  • Steve asks: At the conclusion of the effect, are you in a good position for a switch to actual currency? Can the gaff be folded down 100 bill switch style without destroying the DYI gaff?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You are in a great position to switch the bill for a real one. It cannot be folded small.
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