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Cue the Magic Trick
Cue the Magic
Trick by Angelo Carbone - $250.00

Cue The Magic by Angelo Carbone is a laughter packed routine that makes a spectator an instant magician. Not only are laughs guaranteed, but the magic is super strong too! Here is the effect. Get ready to Cue the Magic! You ask your audience who would like to become a magician and...

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Cue Control Book
Cue Control
Book by Axel Hecklau - $30.00

Many artists do not use music in their shows simply because they don not realize there is a reliable and invisible method for controlling music, without using a sound technician. Cue control offers solution for this problem and makes it possible for solo artist to add more variety to...

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Steranko On Cards Book
Steranko On Cards
Book by Jim Steranko - $39.95

I often hear Steranko's name mentioned in magic literature, and up until a few years ago, I thought it was some old legend from the 14th century. Turns out it is a contemporary comic book-illustrator that just happens to be a fantastic magician too. This book contains a description of the...

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