The Power of Magic Ebooks

Here at Vanishing Inc., we publish more magic books than anyone else in the world. We’re beyond excited to now offer all Vanishing Inc. books as magic ebooks.

We’re simultaneously launching our new magic book search tool, “Discoverie”. This AI-based tool lets you find any reference in any of our books. Want to see all the books we have that reference a one-handed top palm? No problem. Interested in researching plots? You can do that easily.

Check out “Discoverie” here.

Advantages Of Magic Ebooks


Ebooks are searchable, portable, and affordable which makes them perfect for magicians.

You can search for a keyword or passage in the book, saving you from flicking through the book to find a move, trick, or idea.


Because the file sizes are low, you’ll be able to carry around your entire magic ebook library on your phone or tablet. This means wherever you are, you can always be learning, researching, and improving your magic. No longer will you need to lug around your magic books when traveling.


We realize magic books can sometimes be pricey, so we’re pricing all our ebooks at 25% less than the physical price. And even better, if you buy the ebook and physical book, you will save 75% of the cost of the physical book. Making ebooks more cost-effective means more people can learn from books and become better magicians.


Additionally, because we’re all magicians too, we know how frustrating it can be to wait for the mail to get your new magic book. With magic ebooks, you’ll instantly be able to dive into your new purchase saving you that wait time.


And finally, there is an environmental benefit to magic ebooks. There’s no trees involved. There’s no shipping. Magic ebooks have the lowest possible carbon footprint, so when you read them, you’ll know you’re helping the planet.