Can I return a magic trick to Vanishing Inc.?

Since the magic industry is so protective of its secrets, most other magic shops have a strict "all sales are final" policy. We don't feel this is fair to you and want to make sure you can shop with confidence at Vanishing Inc. Which is why we've worked hard to develop the best and most fair magic return policy in the industry.

If you buy something from us, and it is damaged, defective or doesn't work the way it was intended, you are not going to be stuck with it. We've created a super quick and easy return system that allows you to start a return online right from your account for nearly any order. Just click into “your orders”, click the appropriate order, and then click “Return items from this order.” We will then work to find the best possible solution.

It's also important to remember that our entire team is composed of knowledgeable magicians. So, if you have questions about any item, or its return eligibility, just send us an email at One of our Support Wizards will help you out.

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