How do I pause or cancel my VI Monthly subscription?

Pausing or canceling your VI Monthly subscription is super easy. It takes just a few seconds!

Canceling means that your membership will automatically terminate on the 1st of the month after you cancel. You will not be charged again and all of your membership benefits will be immediately inactivated as soon as the next month starts.

Pausing is a great option for those who are enjoying the membership, but might not resonate with a particular VI Masterclass performer. By pausing, you'll skip payment for the next month. All of your benefits will be paused during that time. Payments and benefits will then resume automatically the next month (we will send you a reminder email before it does).

If you cancel on May 15, your VI Monthly membership will automatically end on June 1. If you'd like to join again at any point, you'll need to manually sign up again.

If you pause on May 15, your VI Monthly membership will automatically pause on June 1. You will not be able to access any of the benefits during that time, including June's Masterclass. Your membership will then automatically resume on July 1.

How to Pause or Cancel a Vanishing Inc. Monthly Membership

Step 1

Head to your account dashboard. You can do that by clicking the "customer icon" in the top right corner of the page or the button below. In your dashboard, click the Vanishing Inc. Monthly button.

Visit My Account



Step 2

On the next page, locate the bold text on the right that says “Pause or cancel” and click on the red text that says “Cancel or pause your VI Monthly membership”.


Step 3

Click the orange button that says “Update Membership”. You'll be taken to a page where you can choose to pause or cancel your subscription.