Our satisfaction guarantee

We like the way we do business. We don't aggressively pursue new, fleeting customers because we prefer folks like you, who kindly give us your business on a regular basis because you recognize the hard work we put in, the quality of our magic, and (we hope) you trust us and our site for great magic.

We ONLY offer magic that we believe is spectacular; nothing just "good" or "okay." But we also know not everyone feels the same way about every product. So our new policy will allow you to return anything you aren't satisfied with and exchange it for something else in the store.

If you open it and you are not 100% satisfied, you can send it back to us! It's that simple. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We want you to know that when you deal with us, we're forming a friendship we hope lasts years. And that means making sure you're happy each and every time we send you a package.

There are a few exceptions to this to help ensure that we can offer the best service possible. But they're fair exceptions and not those pesky terms and conditions you might find on other sites!

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Please be advised that due to the limited nature of the products and the fact many are crafted by hand in small batches, we will only be able to accept returns on VI Wonders products that are deemed defective.

We aim to be the best magic shop in the world and with the fairest returns policy in magic and free shipping, we hope you choose us as your favorite magic shop.