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Intuition ACAAN Magic download (video)
Intuition ACAAN
Magic download (video) by Brad Ballew - $9.95

Intuition ACAAN is a new approach to a classic plot. It provides a very relevant and personal experience for the spectator that is missing in many ACAAN effects. The spectator freely selects a suit and 3 random single digit numbers. The first two numbers become a position in the deck while the...

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Intuition Poker Magic download (video)
Intuition Poker
Magic download (video) by Pipo Villanueva - $10.00

Pipo Villanueva is an extraordinary talent from Spain. His magic is fluid and thoughtful. We are proud to have "Intuition Poker" as an exclusive Vanishing Inc. Download.  In the fairest possible conditions, a spectator is allowed to choose five cards for a poker hand, and then...

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Triple Intuition Trick
Triple Intuition
Trick by Dani DaOrtiz - $35.00

Dani fooled everyone at The Session with this great hands-off card revelation effect. The best news is that you will be able to perform it with ease too as the deck does all the work for you! What sets Triple Intuition apart from other card effects is the mixing of techniques in one...

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