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Super Wand into Flower Trick
Super Wand into Flower
Trick by Tora Magic - $275.00

The magician spins his silver wand in his hands. He then stops and transforms the wand into a huge bouquet of flowers. A beautiful display of magic! Tora Magic's tireless devotion to improving the quality of their products has resulted in this new version of a classic. ...

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Flower Maker Tube Trick
Flower Maker Tube
Trick by Tora Magic - $250.00

A wonderful and magical production! The magician plainly shows a rectangular clear glass tube to be empty. He places his arm inside several times to prove its emptiness. He then places it on an elegant flat base. He inserts his magic wand into the tube. Suddenly, a beautiful feather...

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Giant Bouquet from Silk on Stand Trick
Giant Bouquet from Silk on Stand
Trick by Mr. Magic - $59.95

The performer is seen holding three different colored silks by their corners in his hand. He shows all the three silks separately one by one. He covers a big flowerpot on the floor with the bottom ends of the silks. When the silks are removed, a giant bouquet of flowers is seen on the pot!

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