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Hot Rod Convertible Trick
Hot Rod Convertible
Trick by Precision Magic : David Mann (V) - $44.95

EffectImagine having just performed your best hot rod routine and as a finale, the body of the hot rod changes to match the color of gem that was selected by the spectator. Dimensions Approximately 4" x 1/2"

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Stretch Limo Hot Rod Trick
Stretch Limo Hot Rod
Trick by Precision Magic - $25.00

A Classic Black Anodized Aluminum Hot Rod that is 6 Inches in length. Just the right size for the Magician who has large hands, or if your just looking for a stunning ending to your Hot Rod Routine... then the Stretch Limo is just what the Doctor ordered. You can really get your hands around this...

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Ebony Hot Rod Trick
Ebony Hot Rod
Trick by Rich Hill's Illusion Shop - $29.95

Made with Genuine Swarovski Crystal Jewels! Effect: A beautiful wooden rod is shown to have various colored jewels embedded in it - 6 on each side. The spectator selects a jewel, and all 12 jewels become the same color as the selected jewel!! Featuring large 7mm jewels,...

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