Magic by Albert Goshman

The Life and Times of Albert Goshman DVD
The Life and Times of Albert Goshman
DVD by Albert Goshman - $15.00 $11.40 (SAVE $3.60)

This DVD details the Close-up show of Albert Goshman. The act itself is shown along with a detailed explanation of all the major elements of Albert's world class performance. The DVD closes with a talk "The Magic is You!" Come inside for a never to be forgotten...

Reg Mini Sponge Balls Red (8 pack) Accessory
Reg Mini Sponge Balls Red (8 pack)
Accessory by Albert Goshman - $2.70 $2.05 (SAVE $0.65)

Reg Mini Sponge Balls (bag of 8) (Red)

Foam Cookie Trick
Foam Cookie
Trick by Albert Goshman - $6.50 $5.70 (SAVE $0.80)

Imagine the expression on your audience's faces when you make this giant cookie appear! This is the perfect prop to use as a finale with any Oreo cookie routine. Pull it out of your Magic Cookie Box. Combine it with Cookie Bite. Mix it up with Moreo. There are so many possibilities. This...

Foam Hot Dog String Trick
Foam Hot Dog String
Trick by Albert Goshman - $8.43 $6.41 (SAVE $2.02)

Another great ending to almost any sponge ball routine or just as a hilarious comedy production. Magic by Gosh's 10-inch Super Soft sponge hot dogs are great for magicians, clowns or emcees.Contains 8 Connected Hot Dogs

Magic By Gosh Book
Magic By Gosh
Book by Albert Goshman - $29.95 $22.76 (SAVE $7.19)

"I think any magician would do well to study his act, and learn how great close-up magic is created." -From Dai Vernon's IntroductionOver 15 routines and sleights from one of magic's most legendary characters. Includes Goshman's "The Act," a 10-trick set that was an audience favorite at the world...