Sharpie BUG Writer

Accessory by Vernet
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Sharpie BUG Writer

60.00 usd

Accessory by Vernet (60.00)

In stock.

Make your predictions permanent!

Now you can secretly write anything with Sharpie ink! You have the ideal combination: the perfect writer and the best holder!

The Sharpie BUG Writer has the perfect grip and great stability due to its anatomical design and ultra stick surface. The Sharpie BUG Holder always keeps the tip inked.

It also allows you to have the writer always handy, ready to use and safely stored. If that's not enough the set includes an extra bottle of ink that will last forever (well, not forever but for a long time)

It writes exactly like the Sharpie Marker

  • Ultra safe
  • Comfortable
  • Always ready
  • Real ink
  • Easy grip
  • Write as many as 20 numbers each time

Customer reviews for Sharpie BUG Writer


Official review from Genii Magazine

From the May 2016 Genii magazine. Reviewed by David Oliver

Michel & Greco of Vernet have come up with the perfect Boon Writer for the appearance of writing done by a Sharpie. There have been others that didn’t have enough ink, or the tip would break off, etc. This one solves those problems and more.

The Bug itself is larger than a standard Boon, and fits perfectly to the pad of most thumbs. The adhesive pad works like a charm, and has the perfect amount of adhesion needed. The Sharpie Bug Writer comes with a special holding device you carry in your pocket, which not only stores the writer in the perfect position until you need it, it also keeps the writer fully inked with the correct amount of fluid.

When writing with it, the ink is as bold as clear as a Sharpie without losing quality or boldness. The tip mimics a new Sharpie when writing. You can recharge the ink in under 10 seconds, and use it for approximately writing 20 single digits before ending to be refilled. You receive the Sharpie Bug Writer, an extra sticky pad, the special holder, and an extra bottle of real ink for replenishment that should last you quite a while. There are two pages of written instructions; one in English, one in Spanish. Mentalists will love this, and those looking to get into mentalism will have an advantage that many did not in years past. I like this a lot. Highly recommended.

Copyright 2016 by The Genii Corporation.



The actual sticky stuff it attaches to your thumb with doesn’t last many times. The device doesn’t stay inked for very long. It’s messy. It’s hard to put back after use without getting ink all over your pockets. I’ve tried to return it but it says it’s not eligible for return. Bad product.


Community questions about Sharpie BUG Writer

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  • Robbie asks: Is this the same thing as the Swami gimmick?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: similar. a bug tends to be stuck to your thumb, swami tends to be clipped.
  • Matthew asks: How finicky is getting the bug into the holder? I'm concerned I'm going to end up with ink all over my hands and pockets.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The unit is pretty well contained for this one. I don't think you have anything to worry about if that is your concern, the ink is held in a sponge that is in a plastic compartment, it has a lid that you can slide on and off easily in your pocket, it's pretty well thought out.
  • Derek asks: Where can you buy refill ink for the Sharpie BUG Writer?

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