Magic by Vernet

Thumb Tip Classic Accessory
Thumb Tip Classic
Accessory by Vernet - From $2.95

This is the classic Vernet thumb tip. The Vernet Thumb Tip Classic is one of the most useful items in magic that allows you to perform miracle...

Thumb Tip Medium Accessory
Thumb Tip Medium
Accessory by Vernet - From $2.75

25 years ago, Vernet revolutionised the world of magic with the production of the Vernet Thumb Tip. Now, they've done it again with new Thumb Tip...

Thumb Tip King Size Accessory
Thumb Tip King Size
Accessory by Vernet - $4.00

These king-sized thumb tips are realistically designed by Vernet for all your magical routines. Designed for magicians with larger hands....

Vernet Band Writer Trick
Vernet Band Writer
Trick by Vernet - $18.00

The most powerful tool that a magician can use, now in a NEW model. ComfortableStableEasy to grip Vernet Band Writer was specially designed...

Thumb Tip (Junior) Trick
Thumb Tip (Junior)
Trick by Vernet - From $2.95

A must-have magic prop for any close up magic performer. The Vernet Junior Thumb Tip is a professional quality thumb tip for those with smaller...

Thumb Tip XXL King Size Accessory
Thumb Tip XXL King Size
Accessory by Vernet - $4.00

When even a large [King Size Thumb Tip](/thumbtips/thumb-tip-xx-king-size/) isn't big enough, now you can use these XXL King Size Thump Tips. These...

Universal Pull Vernet Accessory
Universal Pull Vernet
Accessory by Vernet - $9.00

Vernet Universal Pull, shows a main difference with other pulls: whereas all the others only allow you to make a silk vanish, Vernet Universal...

Vernet Playing Card Guard Trick
Vernet Playing Card Guard
Trick by Vernet - $12.00

This is the best protection for your deck! VERNET CARD GUARD is made of ABS PLASTIC keeping all the elegance of the classic card guard. Don't...

Little Finger Tip Accessory
Little Finger Tip
Accessory by Vernet - $3.00

With this finger you can perform all the tricks done with the Thumb Tip but you can also fool the people that know the Classic Thumb Tip. It's...

Sharpie BUG Writer Accessory
Sharpie BUG Writer
Accessory by Vernet - $60.00

Make your predictions permanent! Now you can secretly write anything with Sharpie ink! You have the ideal combination: the perfect writer and...

Thumbtipedia DVD
DVD by Vernet - $25.00

The thumb tip is the most powerful gimmick you can carry in your pocket. In 1970 Vernet revolutionized the world of magic with the...

Magnetic Boon Writer (pencil 2mm) Trick
Magnetic Boon Writer (pencil 2mm)
Trick by Vernet - $16.00

The Magnetic Boon Writer model has been specially designed and manufactured to be used with the Vernet Magnetic Boon Holder. After many...

Silk to Egg (Vernet) Accessory
Silk to Egg (Vernet)
Accessory by Vernet - $8.00

The performer pushes a colored silk into his closed left hand. When he opens his hand the silk is seen to have turned into an egg! Offering to...

Multiplying Balls (Vernet) Accessory
Multiplying Balls (Vernet)
Accessory by Vernet - From $16.00

The effect of multiplying four balls from the air is a classic in Magic, but it's also a classic of Vernet Magic. His manufacturer makes them very...

Fanning & Manipulation Cards  Accessory
Fanning & Manipulation Cards
Accessory by Vernet - $12.00

As J.N. Hilliard said, "card fanning is the latest decorative feature in magic". Vernet Magic is very proud to presents its "Fanning and...

Sweet'n Salty Trick
Sweet'n Salty
Trick by Vernet - $25.00

Sweet n' Salty is an amazing new utility gimmick. You can make salt disappear and reproduce it from an empty bag. You can mix salt and pepper...

Wrong Way Trick
Wrong Way
Trick by Vernet - $39.99

We've all seen and surely performed the classic Crazy Compass (the arrow on the sign trick), but for the kids magician here is a great new...

Vernet Manipulation cards Trick
Vernet Manipulation cards
Trick by Vernet - $12.00

Vernet is very proud to present its "Manipulation Cards". These cards have an original design from Vernet. Each card is flesh colored on the back...

Ethereal Deck Blue Trick
Ethereal Deck Blue
Trick by Vernet - $38.00

By "No Way Bottle Production" creator, here comes "Ethereal"; a stunning vanishing deck, simple, direct and professional. Perfect for parlor and...

Mini-Zombie Ball Trick
Mini-Zombie Ball
Trick by Vernet - $9.00

A Pocket Version of One of the Most Famous Tricks Effect: The performer covers the ball with a silk pocket handkerchief and while he...

The Complete Card Manipulation Set DVD
The Complete Card Manipulation Set
DVD by Vernet - $40.00

This is a fantastic starting point if you are looking to learn more about card manipulation. As well as over an hour of detailed explanations, you...

Pancho the Pickin Duck Trick
Pancho the Pickin Duck
Trick by Vernet - $17.95

Kids love puppets and kids love magic. So, kids are really going to love Pancho the Pickin' Duck when he does a card trick while...

Stand Up Assembly Trick
Stand Up Assembly
Trick by Vernet - $18.00

This version of 'Assembly' allows you to do one of the legendary classics of card magic now in a parlor or stage situation and amaze an audience...

Multiplying Soap Bubbles Trick
Multiplying Soap Bubbles
Trick by Vernet - $18.00

The classic production of four soap bubbles made in a new material. They look like real soap bubbles You can use them for stage or parlor...

Ethereal Deck Trick
Ethereal Deck
Trick by Vernet - $38.00

By "No Way Bottle Production" creator, here comes "Ethereal"; a stunning vanishing deck, simple, direct and professional. Perfect for parlor and...