Crystal Billet Box

Trick by David Regal
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Crystal Billet Box

160.00 usd

Trick by David Regal ($160.00)

In stock.
Crystal Billet Box - magic
Crystal Billet Box Crystal Billet Box

Switch. Predict. Force. Appear. Vanish. "Crystal Billet Box" by David Regal is the ultimate utility for any serious performer.

"Crystal Billet Box" is a special gimmicked box that has been precision-crafted from durable, thick acrylic. It is a utility magic prop with endless possibilities. Switch a group of billets or use it as the fairest prediction chest ever. You can also easily force items or make items appear and vanish. It's totally up to you.

Each box comes ready to go with a few extras that increase your possibilities.

It comes ready to go, along with a few extras that give the performer some options that further increase its utility.

Still not convinced? Watch the trailer. This is no fancy advertisement. Just a simple, straightforward video that shows you exactly what the "Crystal Billet Box" is capable of.


Community questions about Crystal Billet Box

Have a question about this product? It's possible others do too. Ask here and other Vanishing Inc. Magic customers will be able to respond with assistance! Alternatively, email us and we can help too.

  • Sven asks: How many folded in four billets can this box room?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It looks to be able to hold around 20 billets.
  • Christopher asks: Can the switched out billets be retrieved real time for use in a Q&A act?

    • 1. David answers: Yes - in that case it would be in the traditional Q&A manner. One could empty the box of all the slips (apparently) and the "empty" box (it's clear!) could be struck from the performance area for an assistant to peruse. Alternatively, with no assistant, one could switch out all the slips for force slips in order to get one-ahead, then switch BACK to the original slips. I don't want to get too much onto method so I think I've said enough.
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  • Timothy asks: Can the audience handle the box freely or does it need to be a controlled presentation? Secondly, can the box be seen from all angles before the switch or is it angle sensitive?

    • 1. Steve answers: The audience cannot handle the box.
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  • William asks: Is the box silent? Can it been close-up?

    • 1. David answers: The box has two modes - use a solid lid when very quiet operation is needed. The slotted lid (aldo included as an extra) gives you another look but it is louder - still fine for most environments.
    • 2. Robert answers: No. My experience tells me it is best used only while a live band is playing.
    • 3. Alan answers: Not handled it, but its very simple to work it out. It can be used close up but need to put the box in side something. Should be silent.
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  • Timmy asks: If a dozen girls write down their numbers and drop it into the box, can the Magician force specifically the number of the girl that is preferred?

    • 1. Daniel answers: Calm down Timmy.
    • 2. David answers: ??
    • 3. Daniel answers: either way do not do this.
    • 4. Mark answers: Tommy, that's the only reason to buy this box ??
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  • Tracey asks: I’m a beginner, does anyone know if this is an easy trick to perform ?

    • 1. Steve answers: A beginner can do this it is super simple
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  • Roger asks: What type of instructions are given with the Crystal Billet Box. Are they written or a C/D supplied.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You get a streaming video tutorial with David teaching you everything.
  • Joel asks: Are there sleights to master with the crystal billet box? Is the switching difficult to do?

    • 1. Alan answers: This is soooooo simple to do no slights needed just practice the technique for 1 minute.
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  • Brian asks: Can you load this easily during a performance? Say you wrote some things down during the performance, can you load it quickly before the switch?

    • 1. Alan answers: Loading should be pretty easy.
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  • Craig asks: What are the actual dimensions of the box?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: 7.0 x 10.0 x 3.5
  • Tim asks: I'd like to switch in a photo prediction - would that be possible?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes it would!
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Customer reviews for Crystal Billet Box



Ok...I have never spent this much money on a trick as this. That being said I am floored by the quality of this box. And it's simplicity.
The magnitude of what this innocent clear box can do is staggering.
It could easily cost twice as much. Well done David !



It's pretty much what I thought it would be but very nicely made. I like it, super easy to use and mine is very silent so no issues at all there. It's one of those reworking of an old method and one where you go "oh why didn't I think of that". In answer to someone's question earlier "Can the audience handle it"...I would say No. There's really no reason for them to or to want to really. You get a decent amount of ideas from David in this package. Like I said, very nicely made, silent, solid and should last a lifetime. Only downside is the cost but for a good quality product, I'm willing to pay the price. I would recommend.



Simple yet elegantly effective. The design and the quality leave nothing but admiration for David. I am sure that with practice a more direct approach to utilizing this can be found. In saying that I am sure that you can make this a multi-phase routine combining billets and at the same time cards. I have a few ideas but am yet to audience test this as I only received this a few days ago. Still, David STOP making these....everybody wants one...thanks again.