Magifest 2025

23 - 25 January 2025

Columbus, Ohio, USA

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Magifest 2025

Seeing the best performers in the world will inspire you, and drive you to take your own magic to the next level.

Learning brand new tricks, moves, and methods will motivate you to try new things.

Meeting—and hanging out with—your magical heroes and 1,000 like-minded individuals is an experience you’ll never forget.

This is why we run Magifest. To inspire and motivate us all. And this is why you need to come.

Who better to give you inspiration than the incredible lineup of performers we’ve put together for 2025, which we'll announce soon.

This year, take note of our two new initiatives: VIP tickets and Basecamp for newcomers.

Register now ($350)
Day tickets also available

Andi Gladwin and Joshua Jay

2025 VIP Tickets

For the first time in Magifest history, we’re offering you the chance to get VIP treatment. By grabbing a VIP ticket (or upgrading your current ticket to VIP), you can experience Magifest like never before with these amazing perks:

Magifest VIPs

Workshop Tickets Included
You’ll be coming to our two additional workshops on the Sunday after the convention. This alone has a value of $200 and is included in your VIP ticket.

Priority Seating
VIPs don’t have to worry about wasting time standing around in lines. Events will open early for VIPs allowing you a chance to get the best seats in the house before the room is opened up to all other guests.

Priority Registration
VIPs will have a separate line for registration, allowing you to save time and get on with enjoying the convention.

All VIPs will receive a special, Magifest pin.

Swag Bag
When you register, you’ll also receive an exclusive Vanishing Inc. Swag Bag with merchandise and a discount coupon to use at the Vanishing Inc. stand.

If you want to make the most of your time at Magifest and experience the convention in the best way possible, you need to become a Magifest VIP. VIP tickets are $550 or you can upgrade an existing ticket for just $200.

Register for VIP now ($550)

What Happens?

In short, performances and lectures from the best magicians in the world combined with amazing informal jam sessions in the lobby and bar area. And not much sleep!

Magifest is different from other conventions. We don’t schedule events to overlap, so you will be able to see every single session.

We put in breaks, so you can grab food, hang with your friends (and make new ones), and simply decompress a little to take in all the amazing magic you’ve just learned.

And because we limit attendance, it’s not so busy that you have to fight to get a seat at shows, or the bar is 20 people deep, or you can never get a seat in the lobby.

You’ll get to eat, sleep and breath magic for three, wonderful days. Surrounded by like-minded magicians. You’ll reconnect with old friends, and make new friends that will last a lifetime.

Magifest also boasts the largest Dealers Room of any magic convention in America. You’ll be able to see - and get your hands on—many brand new, unreleased books, tricks, and more. This means you’ll be ahead of the pack, and have the latest and greatest before anyone else!

Who Should Attend?

Everyone who shares our passion for magic! We have some of the best professional magicians in the world who come as attendees because they love the convention. Equally, beginners and less experienced magicians come too, because they want to learn from, and be inspired by, the magicians who they get to see—and meet—at the convention.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been into magic for your entire life or just a few months. Magifest is an inclusive convention and everyone is made to feel incredibly welcome.

If you’ve never been to Magifest, or any convention before, we’re organizing some new events this year to make sure you feel welcome, can make new friends, and most importantly become a better magician.

How Much Is It?

This is the good bit. It’s just $300 and that gives you three days full of incredible magic. You’re going to see, and learn, so much new magic that compared with anything else, Magifest is the best value in magic.

Youth scholarships
Magifest schedule
Get in touch

Renaissance, Columbus Downtown

50 N 3rd St, Columbus, OH 43215, USA

Be sure to ask for the Magifest rate when booking a room. It's currently $129 (plus taxes) per night.

How to book a room

Introducing Magifest Basecamp

Vanishing Inc. Basecamp Vanishing Inc. Basecamp

We have all felt overwhelmed by the idea of coming to a magic convention. What if you don’t know anyone? Are people friendly? Who will you chat with? Who will you have dinner with? What if you’re nervous or anxious?

This year, we’re proud to announce new offerings designed to help first-timers, or those who want to make more friends feel as welcome as our Magifest veterans.

We’re calling it Basecamp. A safe place you can return to any time you need.

Welcome Event
After the first session, all first-timers are invited to a breakout room where you’ll get to meet your hosts Josh and Andi and your other friends-to-be. We’ll make sure you’re welcomed properly and get to meet each other. Friendships could be formed here that will last you a lifetime. We can’t wait to meet you.

Basecamp Tables
We know how it can feel awkward for a first-timer or magic beginner trying to join a jam session already in progress. Or that the idea of eating alone can feel intimidating. So, this year, we’re reserving special tables in the convention area exclusively as your “Basecamp”.

These tables will be marked with table tents and will often have hosts present to help people get to know each other, to encourage us all to help each other with moves, or tricks, and to just generally have the best of times. Whether you’re working on a new trick or just want to see some cool magic, these tables will be a great place for Basecampers to gather.

Special Pins
A special pin will let everyone know you are a Basecamper. Beyond being an awesome collectible, this will help Magifest veterans better welcome Basecampers and ensure you experience the very best of Magifest.

Magifest is undoubtedly one of the best weekends of the year for magicians and mentalists. We don’t want you to miss anything. So we’re doing everything we can to make sure you feel welcomed and have an incredible experience.

Limited space available. Register now!

Register now ($350)

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