The Evolution of The Session

As The Session has evolved over the years, it has remained committed to nurturing and pushing the boundaries of leaning magic tricks. As the only weekend-long magic convention in London, there's a responsibility to continue doing what we do best. Creating the best jamming environment to hang with your friends and bringing over the biggest names in magic and mentalism, and introducing you to people you don't know...yet.

Started well over a decade ago (you can take a look back at the more recent history of The Session here), The Session was not even in London to begin with, but in Cheltenham, England. It took place in a much smaller hotel, but still managed to attract huge names. Focusing on close-up magic and card magic made it a unique magic convention.

Started by two friends, the convention’s aim was to be a convention that they actually wanted to go to. Small and intimate, yet still attracting huge names.

It had to move to be a London magic convention for a few reasons. Holding a magic convention in London meant that a larger venue could be secured as the convention grew. While numbers are still capped, and the convention remains intimate and small compared to events like the Blackpool Magic Convention, it did need a bigger home.

Heathrow airport is the largest airport in the UK, so suddenly it made it easy for anyone, anywhere in the world to attend (and bring their magic props). We located the perfect hotel. It had the conference space for the main room, the dealers’ room and registration. The lobby is big enough to accommodate the late-night jamming where people perform and learn card tricks, yet the price is still incredibly affordable for a central London magic convention.

Many attendees have been coming since the very beginning and we welcome back these veterans every year. They'll be making new magical memories, buying new magic tricks and magic books, and ruining a bunch of playing cards too!

If you’ve not been before, maybe we’ll see you there this year?

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