Steamed Smoke

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Magic download (ebook) by Sam (Rickard) Wooding ($20.00)

Steamed Smoke - magic
Ready for a new principle that allows you to divine star signs, pictures, and so much more? Then welcome to Steamed Smoke. Steamed Smoke requires only one asked question, but it will teach you three new principles to elicit information without asking additional questions. 

Routines include:

Stop Sign: A propless star sign divination.

Blurred: After picking a category and something in that category, the mentalist divines the chosen item.

Eye of the Gorgon: Divine a thought-of villain from Dr. Who!

Picture This: Thought-of drawing divination.

And many more!

All these methods are propless, 100% verbal, and require minimal memorization. No anagrams!

So download a copy now and get started blowing some minds. Your spectators won't know what hit them!

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