Magic by Sam (Rickard) Wooding

The Vortex Magic download (ebook)
The Vortex
Magic download (ebook) by Sam (Rickard) Wooding - $5.00

If you are tired of normal book tests, welcome to The Vortex.Imagine approaching a spectator and asking them to mentally select a word from a poem. The performer starts to see a jumble of letters and writes them down. It turns out each letter was in their thought-of word! The spectator thinks of...

The Committee Magic download (ebook)
The Committee
Magic download (ebook) by Sam (Rickard) Wooding - $5.00

You'll always be ready to perform with The Committee by your side! This is powerful mentalism that you can carry with you anywhere in your wallet!After you introduce a "Game of Life" envelope, a spectator chooses a random vehicle, whether to get married or buy a house, and a random number between 1...

W.H.P Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Sam (Rickard) Wooding - $5.00

If you've performed "Which Hand" demonstrations, you know how powerful and inexplicable they can be. Now you can take yours to a whole new level with W.H.P.!Not only can you predict the hand a coin is in, but with W.H.P. you can do it four times in a row with one prediction! This practical method...

The Broken Triangle Magic download (video)
The Broken Triangle
Magic download (video) by Sam (Rickard) Wooding - $5.00

Imagine showing a spectator a list of twenty different songs. You then ask the spectator to imagine seeing its title in the air. You then ask them to sing the song in their head. The performer proceeds to successfully divine the song. Sounds amazing, right? In The Broken Triangle you will...

Steamed Smoke Magic download (ebook)
Steamed Smoke
Magic download (ebook) by Sam (Rickard) Wooding - $20.00

Ready for a new principle that allows you to divine star signs, pictures, and so much more? Then welcome to Steamed Smoke. Steamed Smoke requires only one asked question, but it will teach you three new principles to elicit information without asking additional questions. Routines include:Stop...

The Signal Magic download (ebook)
The Signal
Magic download (ebook) by Sam (Rickard) Wooding - $10.00

From the creator of the Impromptu Invisible Deck, Emma Wooding brings you The Signal. The Signal is a detailed routine where the spectator thinks of a dream. After giving a brief reading, the performer then begins to divine the dream by giving specific details that no one other than...

2017 Christmas Lecture Notes Magic download (ebook)
2017 Christmas Lecture Notes
Magic download (ebook) by Sam (Rickard) Wooding - $25.00

Sam brings you an early Christmas present with his 2017 Christmas Lecture Notes. Perfect as a digital stocking stuffer or just to treat yourself, these mentalism notes include propless mentalism, modern billet routines, new ways to use classic gimmicks, card mentalism and so much more....

Sam Wooding Lecture Notes 2017 Magic download (ebook)
Sam Wooding Lecture Notes 2017
Magic download (ebook) by Sam (Rickard) Wooding - $25.00

This PDF isn't just something you will pick up and read. This will engage and inspire, opening those creative pores to improve your performances and style! These routines are especially for the performer on the move, so no bulky props here. Everything is easy to transport and carry on...

Mythos Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Sam (Rickard) Wooding - $20.00

Get ready to dust off that center tear with two new offerings in Mythos! Wooding presents his two center tears, Typhon and Typhon 2.0, and proceeds to teach you some exciting routines using them, including:Abaddon - A Living And Dead test, with no pencil reading or feeling for marks. Medusa - A...