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Time Machine and Touches DVD
Time Machine and Touches
DVD by Kenton Knepper - $35.00

A Kenton Classic come to life in living color at last! Filmed live in several locations... Kenton's Original Time Machine effect was first revealed...

Timmy Toilet Paper Notebook DVD
Timmy Toilet Paper Notebook
DVD by Tom Burgoon - $199.00

After years in the making Tom Burgoon's LAUGH FILLED signature routine is finally released to you in complete detail! COMES COMPLETE WITH: World Wide...

Tivoliland 2 DVD
Tivoliland 2
DVD by Arthur Tivoli - $25.00

In his new DVD, Arthur Tivoli presents the routines he actually performs in restaurants: 3 sets, 8 minutes each, with cards, laughs, coins,...

Tom Mullica's Impromptu Magic 3 Disc Combo DVD
Tom Mullica's Impromptu Magic 3 Disc Combo
DVD by Anubis Media Corporation - $79.95

Over 70 Amazing Effects in this DVD, plus 24 on the 3 disc combo.

Top Change DVD
Top Change
DVD by Mark Wong - $20.00

Discover and perform one of the most basic building blocks of card magic, the Top Change. Master this technique and you can perform some of the most...

Topit Workshop DVD
Topit Workshop
DVD by Bob Fitch - $99.95

EffectWe are proud to announce the release of a monumental new product, The Bob Fitch "Topit Workshop." We believe this amazing training set will...

Torn & Restored Newspaper DVD DVD
Torn & Restored Newspaper DVD
DVD by Gene Anderson - $29.95

Another Classic magical effect, that still amuses and amazes audiences today!Gene Anderson is the single most influential performer that has...

Torn And Restored Newspaper DVD
Torn And Restored Newspaper
DVD by Joel Bauer - $30.00

Now on DVD!!!This is a classic! Take a newspaper. Tear it into pieces. Openly display the pieces both front and back keeping them in full sight at...

Torn And Restored Tissue DVD
Torn And Restored Tissue
DVD by Bob White - $20.00

The Torn and Restored Tissue Paper has been the closing effect for Bob White's banquet program for over forty years. It never fails to get a terrific...

Totally Blue It! DVD
Totally Blue It!
DVD by Ed Ellis - $30.00

For over 25 years, Ed Ellis has performed close-up magic, sleight of hand illusions, and full time table magic for Hollywood, TV, and sports...

Totally Crazy Bands DVD
Totally Crazy Bands
DVD by Rasmus - $27.50

The first real lookin', "Linked Rubberbands", that you can give away (permanently Linked) as a Souvenir to the spectator. Let them choose two single...

Trace DVD
DVD by Will Tsai - $35.00

Trace is a powerful tool that creates up to two different card impressions on ANYTHING. A modern and eerie revelation that guarantees to great...

Transcendence DVD
DVD by Leon Deo Scott - $30.00

Transcendence is a super visual coin across that happens in the spectators open palm with no cover. That is right! No cover, the extra coin just pops...

Transformer Card DVD
Transformer Card
DVD by Mark Mason - $20.00

The crazy card that turns itself inside out and upside down. J B Magic are proud to present the transformer card by Dan Burgess. This is the crazy...

Trapped DVD
DVD by Jordan Johnson - $25.00

Walk up to spectator borrow their empty bottle and visually penetrate their cap into the bottle. To take it a step farther the cap is "Trapped" in...

Treasures Set Vol 1-3 DVD
Treasures Set Vol 1-3
DVD by Alexander De Cova - $79.95

Multiple award-winner, Alexander De Cova has been one of Germany's top professional magicians for over 12 years. His creative and innovative thinking...

Trick Cyclist DVD
Trick Cyclist
DVD by Andrew Normansell - $18.00

An incredible, easy to do, multiple selection routine with an incredible, NO PALM, signed card to pocket ending! This trick will make you look like a...

Trick Deck - Real Deck DVD
Trick Deck - Real Deck
DVD by Kenton Knepper - $34.95

FINALLY REVEALED IN FULL AT LAST! We highly suggest that you watch this DVD with a deck of cards in hand. You'll learn the moves easier and you'll be...

Tricks That Will Get You Paid DVD
Tricks That Will Get You Paid
DVD by Gary Norsigian - $29.95

On Volume One you'll learn: Cigar Routine - This silent, stand-up routine is perfect for stage. Multiple appearances and vanishes of cigars, lighters...

Trilogy DVD
DVD by Johnny Ace Palmer - $30.00

Johnny Ace Palmer was voted Best Close-up Magician at the Magic Castle in Hollywood two years in a row. He is the only magician to have received both...

Truth Trade Show DVD
Truth Trade Show
DVD by Eddie Tullock - $39.95

Learn the real work on trade show magic from the legendary figure who literally invented the concept - Eddie Tullock. Eddie has stopped traffic in...

DVD by none - $25.00

Effect Let a spectator choose absolutely free a card (no force) and let him sign the card. Now you rip off a corner of the signed card. You remove...

Twist and Turns DVD
Twist and Turns
DVD by Mel Mellers - $29.95

Sit back relax and enjoy a unique magical experience. Welcome to the world of Mel Mellers, where he discusses bad music, awkward audience members,...

Twist of Fate DVD
Twist of Fate
DVD by Paul Wilson - $34.95

R. Paul Wilson teaches some of his pet effects, which he has honed through years of performing in bars, restaurants, parties and social events. This...

Twisted DVD
DVD by Andrew Mayne - $15.00

A borrowed bill is signed on both ends by a spectator and then ripped in half. The magician attempts to put it back together but accidentally...

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