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Jerry Camaro On The Bottom Deal DVD
Jerry Camaro On The Bottom Deal
DVD by Jerry Camero - $20.00

Jerry Camaro teaches his technique for the Bottom Deal which is easier than most. You will learn his grip, rhythm, removal, snap, and how to eliminate sound. He also teaches how to practice and gives many routines for you to experiment with. Routines performed and explained: The Lie Detector: A...

Jim Cellini Lecture DVD
Jim Cellini Lecture
DVD by International Magic - $34.95

For those fortunate enough to have seen Jim Cellini perform or lecture, this video needs no introduction. For those not so fortunate, here is a rare opportunity to see an expert in the field of "Street Magic". Jim will charm you, he'll baffle you (sometimes you'll already know the secret, but he'll...

John's Card Creations Volume 1 DVD
John's Card Creations Volume 1
DVD by John Gelasi - $10.00

John is only 17 years old, but his card magic is full of new handling and creativity, that allows him to present very strong card routines which are relatively simple to perform. John will soon be a new star in the firmament of card magic. CONTENTS:OFF-TEMPO ACES: Four blacks change places with the...

Johnny Wong's Imagination Coin Set DVD
Johnny Wong's Imagination Coin Set
DVD by Johnny Wong - $99.99

This Imagination Coin Set is the latest coin gimmick from Johnny Wong.This is also the best coin gimmick from Johnny Wong 2011.Anyone with this gimmick is able to perform amazing and realistic magic trick using simple methods.With the different style of each performer this gimmick can show more and...

Johnny Wong's Super Chip & Coin DVD
Johnny Wong's Super Chip & Coin
DVD by Johnny Wong - $68.00

Super Chip & Coin, a well-designed coin gimmick is also one of Johnny Wong's best products. No matter you are a veteran magician or a new comer, you are able to perform a lot of amazing magic tricks with only simple manipulation of this gimmick. Of course, if you are a big fan of coin magic,...

Johnny Wong's Super Coin Classical DVD
Johnny Wong's Super Coin Classical
DVD by Johnny Wong - $88.00

Johnny Wong's Super Coin Classical is a very precise coin property. You not only achieve several marvelous coin magic with Super Coin Classical ,but also combine your ideas with other coin trick for more magic effect. High quality craftsmanship means years of use for this unique gimmick. Basic...

Johnny Wong's Super Power 4  -by Johnny Wong- Trick DVD
Johnny Wong's Super Power 4 -by Johnny Wong- Trick
DVD by Johnny Wong - $145.00

"Johnny Wong's Super Power 4" is by now the most advanced and precise coin gimmick which also is capable of creating a variety of effects.  You can accomplish any coin magic effect that come to your mind with this Johnny Wong's Super Power 4 ! If you liked Dream Coins and Super triple...

Joined DVD
DVD by Dario Capuzzo - $29.95

Looking for the easiest, yet most visible and practical methods for a torn and restored card? Dario Capuozzo has created an elegant solution to prior T&R's that you are going to love.NO magnets NO threads NO sticky stuff This is no ordinary T&R Instant reset Perform surroundedDario gives...

Joker's Diary DVD
Joker's Diary
DVD by Merlins of Wakefield - $37.50

You display a pocket diary and a pack of cards. You ask a spectator to name any date, of some personal significance, birthday etc. You remove the deck from its case and run through until you find the joker, explaining, 'that everyone has a significant, favorite date. What is not well known, is that...

Juan Tamariz 1st Lecture DVD
Juan Tamariz 1st Lecture
DVD by Juan Tamariz - $45.00

Juan Tamariz, a world famous expert in the field of Card Magic, presents this 75 minute lecture where he imparts a part of his vast knowledge, to an appreciative audience of top magicians. As you watch the dedicated audience applaud every routine and take in every word, you'll begin to feel like...

Juggling Made Easy Hampton Ridge /Fun Inc. DVD
Juggling Made Easy Hampton Ridge /Fun Inc.
DVD by Jeff Reid - $12.00

Professional juggler Jeff Reid teaches you all the tips and techniques to transform you into an expert juggler. Jeff has been entertaining audiences for 30 years, and you'll love his high-energy performance. If you have ever wanted to juggle, here is your chance to learn from a professional...

Juggling Rings Set  - Assorted Colors DVD
Juggling Rings Set - Assorted Colors
DVD by Bazar De Magia - $25.00

Zyko plastic Juggling Rings (110 grs, 13 inches diameter). Set of 3 rings in blister packaging with a DVD (English and Spanish). Assortment of colors may vary.

Juggling Set  - Assorted Colors DVD
Juggling Set - Assorted Colors
DVD by Bazar De Magia - $40.00

Juggling Clubs (200 grs 21 inches) decorated. Set of 3 in blister packaging with DVD instructions. Plastic balanced white body and black rubber ends. Decorated with bands of shiny glitter. Colors may vary.

Jumbo Card Manipulation DVD
Jumbo Card Manipulation
DVD by Cyril Harvey - $34.95

From France comes F.I.S.M. award winner Cyril Harvey with this astonishing collection of ground-breaking Jumbo card manipulations for stage. Over fifteen Jumbo card techniques carefully explained step by step!This DVD features the next generation of sleights and routines for manipulators, drawn...

Karnival of Magick DVD
Karnival of Magick
DVD by Tony Chris - $49.95

Step into the other realm of magic with Tony Chris as he takes you on an amazing journey into the Bizarre. The time has come for bizarre magick to leave the underground and rise up into the contemporary world. Disk 1 - Performances And Explanations - 2 Hours Ceremony Of The Elements - Earth, Air,...

Karrell Fox's The Legend DVD
Karrell Fox's The Legend
DVD by Karl Fox - $29.95

Popularly known as "The King of Korn," Karrell Fox was truly one of magic's singular characters. He was a superb performer in almost every branch of the magical craft - comedy, mentalism, children's entertaining, trade show presentations, and more. At sixteen years of age, he managed a magic shop...

Kartis Bill Change 2.0 DVD
Kartis Bill Change 2.0
DVD by Kartis and Tango Magic - $40.00

Kartis, one of the most renowned Argentinean magicians, is known as "The Master of Masters". He gave the magic community "The Kartis Bill Change". Now he gives you the next generation, "Kartis Bill Change 2.0", which is just as visual but even more deceptive. Hold a blank piece of paper with your...

Kartis Okito Box Trick
Kartis Okito Box
Trick by Kartis - $60.00

The Argentinean master of magicians Kartis, designed his own Okito box over 30 years ago. He performed his coins routines in hundreds of shows using this box. Now, after having keped the secret for most of his life, he has decided to shared his box with the magic community. You will find many...

Kenton's Full House DVD
Kenton's Full House
DVD by Kenton Knepper - $11.35

Kenton is known as a hard-working, award-winning creative mentalist. But we all need to have some FUN sometimes too! Wait until you see how Kenton relaxes with a deck of cards... In this jam-packed DVD some of the most unusual card effects and bizarre methods are revealed in full at last....

Killer Kitson Miracle DVD
Killer Kitson Miracle
DVD by Bob Sheets - $35.00

The killer Kitson Miracle is Bob Sheets powerful and entertaining routine for Patrick Page's Three - Card Monte You're doing walk-around surrounded at a corporate function, and everyone has a gooey spare-rib in one hand and a drink in the other. You don't have a table to set anything down on and...

Kings Crossing DVD
Kings Crossing
DVD by Jason Palter and Nicolas Gignac - $60.00

Kings Crossing is "Cards Across" on steroids: Jumbo cards. No sleight-of-hand. No palming. No false counts. Absolutely clean!!! The routine possibilities for "Kings Crossing" are limitless. This is a no-nonsense and literally self-working version of the classic effect, and allows you to concentrate...

KISS Lecture DVD
KISS Lecture
DVD by International Magic - $29.95

The widely acclaimed KISS Lecture by John Derris. Presented in over 50 Magic Clubs in the UK and Europe.Being an extension of the book KISS which shows in detail how to sell yourself as a person and a magician. "KISS is the word that got me magic bookings in Athens, Copenhagen, Istanbul, Marbella,...

Knock Out Coin Magic DVD
Knock Out Coin Magic
DVD by Michael Rubinstein - $75.00

Knockout Coin Magic Artist(s): Michael RubinsteinProduced by: L&L PublishingRunning Time(s): 4 Hours 13 MinsReleased: 11/01Special Features:Behind-the-Scenes Photo Gallery Not Included In Video ReleaseThese just might be the best coin tapes ever made! This material has been sought after by...

Knock Out v2.0 DVD
Knock Out v2.0
DVD by Peter Eggink - $35.00

The professional TRIPLE signed card to impossible location!EffectThree freely selected, signed cards, are revealed in the most unbelievable manner.Knock Out v2.0 will hit them like the proverbial freight train!Comes complete with instructional DVD with bonus handlings and tips, and specially...

Knock'em Dead 2 DVD
Knock'em Dead 2
DVD by Peter Nardi - $27.80

Anyone that owns a Peter Nardi creation will instantly know he has a knack for inventing truly commercial, straight to the point, hard hitting routines. Peter's now classic Knock'em Dead is being used by magicians all over the world. If you liked the original Knock'Em Dead, you'll love Knock'Em...