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Bicycle Divine Playing Cards Deck of cards
Bicycle Divine Playing Cards
Deck of cards by Eureka Magic - $9.95

Limited one-time print that will never be reproduced! From the backs through the pips and tuck case, the elegant Bicycle Divine Playing Cards are a 100% custom deck of cards built using a mysterious mathematical pattern that was uncovered more than 800 years ago and is believed by numerous...

Bicycle Syzygy Playing Cards Deck of cards
Bicycle Syzygy Playing Cards
Deck of cards by Eureka Magic - $13.00

Syzygy, from the Ancient Greek suzugos, is an obscure phenomenon where three celestial bodies align in a perfect straight-line configuration. The term, Syzygy, is often applied when the sun and moon are in conjunction (new moon) or opposition (full moon). This fits perfectly with the...

Elite Card Clip Trick
Elite Card Clip
Trick by Eureka Magic - $29.95

Sleek and classy, the Elite Card Clips™ offer unparalleled protection for your decks. Made of impact resistant brass, each clip is cut, shaped, engraved, plated in Black Chrome, and finally polished, and lacquered by hand. The logo is meticulously engraved by a high precison diamond...

Mirage Pen Trick
Mirage Pen
Trick by Eureka Magic - $22.99

EffectA pen is introduced, the magician gently rubs it, and the pen starts to bend until it melts! The pen can be immediately examined!No switches Everything is examinable Give it away to your spectator! Always ready to go Anytime and Anywhere Highly visualThe Mirage booklet teaches you in...

Airise Rising Card DVD
Airise Rising Card
DVD by Eureka Magic - $29.95

The Ultimate Rising card deck. This deck is like no other, and allows you to perform two amazing effects. Effect #1 A card case is shown from all sides. The cards are removed from the box, spread, and every single card can be shown front and back.The card case is opened and seen to be empty.The...

Bicycle Hybrid Playing Cards Deck of cards
Bicycle Hybrid Playing Cards
Deck of cards by Eureka Magic - $12.95

Produced by Elite Playing Cards and printed in the year 3082 with support from the United States Playing Card Company, Bicycle Hybrid Playing Cards were inspired by alternative realism and complex human nature. This epic 56-card deck of cards intertwines a combination of space-age elements and...

Q! - Toon Genius DVD
Q! - Toon Genius
DVD by Eureka Magic - $35.00

Can you imagine what happens when the classic cardtoon meets modern technology? That's right the aswer is Q! Q! is your personal assistant and he lives on your cell phone! Adults and kids love him. You already know the impact of such a charming and entertaining character. Take your deck and spread...