Dice Stacking Cup Pro

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Dice Stacking Cup Pro

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Trick by Bazar De Magia ($19.99)

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Dice Stacking Cup Pro - magic
Dice Stacking Cup Pro Dice Stacking Cup Pro Dice Stacking Cup Pro Dice Stacking Cup Pro

This dice cup is the only one on the market having a regular shape. Most other dice cups are straight. One of the first to use a non-straight dice cup was the great Pepe Carroll with his wonderful dice stacking routine.

You do not only receive the dice cup but also four (4) dice, to learn how to stack them. Finally, you will also have access to an online video with the explanation of basic stacking techniques and of some magic tricks with stacking dice. This video was filmed with a transparent dice box, so that everything that goes on inside it, in order to stack the dice, may be fully appreciated.

You receive: Dice stacking Cup Pro, 4 dice, online video with more than 20 minutes of instructions (Spanish and English).


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I've been dice stacking for quite a while and it's sad to say that this set is far from "pro".

The cup is cheap, thin plastic and the dice are not casino quality. My dice have air bubbles throughout, are not perfect cubes and the faces aren't flat. Stacking them one on top the other you can see them wobble.

If you're new to dice stacking I'd recommend buying the cheaper cup and a decent set of casino quality dice. I'm very disappointed.

Dice Stacking Cup Pro by Bazar De Magia