Card Artistry 2

Trick by Justin Flom
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Card Artistry 2

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Trick by Justin Flom (From $25.00)

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Card Artistry 2 - magic

Justin Flom’s “Card Artistry” took the magic world by storm: millions of Youtube views, a performance on Ellen, and thousands of magicians enthusiastically using the routine in their performances.

Now Justin is back with a BRAND NEW VERSION that looks even more amazing: “Card Artistry 2.”

In this version, a selected card becomes one of several famous paintings on a gallery wall. Their signed selection appears in a frame next to works by Picasso, DaVinci, and Dali. And in this version there is NO FORCE. The card can be signed!

  • Custom printed USPCC playing cards included
  • If you can shuffle a deck, you can perform "Card Artistry 2"
  • Includes high-quality instructional download
  • Can be used with any poker-sized deck
  • Supply your own close-up pad

Card Artistry 2

Customer reviews for Card Artistry 2

Nick Popa

Justin Flom did such a nice job with card artistry and now there is a second one! He performed this for me at Magi-Fest and I loved it and I knew I had to get it so I did and I love it! You can now use a singed card, give it away as a souvenir, and it's overall a fantastic trick. I give it a 2 thumbs up!!


Carl Mayer

Congratulations Vanishing Inc. I have been waiting for this release for about a year and I am really proud to add it to my repertoire.


Oleg Fleitman

Justin Flom's first release is excellent. If he keeps up his releases like this, I would be buying each and every one of them! Great job! Fun effect, easy to do, always works with a bang! I purchased all 3 gimmicks for the special!


Will Dryer

I was a big fan of Card Artistry 1, but this one is even better. I bought all three cards as I can see myself using them for different situations. Yet another golden Vanishing Inc release!!


Ralph Shield

My favorite version from Justin Flom! A great version that involves a signed card!