Chapter One

Book by Asi Wind ($34.95)

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This new book and DVD set from Asi Wind; a fabulous New York based magician and one of our favorite performers.

The DVD runs for 1 hour, 36 minutes and features performances of the magic from the book. The book contains a mixture of Asi's tricks and theories on magic:

Magic Evolution (preface)
Somebody Stop Me
Dishonesty (essay)
Red & Black
Out of the Blue (or red)
The Oxygen of Suspense (essay)
Subliminal (essay)
Transportation in Three Phases
Last Words

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Customer reviews for Chapter One

Josh Giles

This little booklet was quite a purchase, I must say. There is some excellent essays in the work that are very interesting to read and quite beneficial. There are a few "gems" in the work as well. In particular, I like Wind's thinking on ACAAN, and his OOTW type of effect (Red & Black). This is some great ideas in here for every card performer.