Cheese Smile

Trick by SMagic Productions
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Cheese Smile

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Trick by SMagic Productions ($16.00)

In stock. Order now — we'll send it first thing Monday morning
Cheese Smile - magic

We've put on the market a killer effect with your smartphone!

This is a brand new way to do magic with any freely chosen card appearing right in your spectator's hand!

Imaging the following. You take a photo of your spectators holding an imaginary card - they're really just holding up their fingers. They then hold onto the phone. You have them choose a random card, without any looking. You tell them to imagine that card in their mind. When your spectators turn over your phone, they find a magical miracle -- the photo now shows them holding their chosen card - it appears right in your spectator's hand! Remember, when the photo was taken, they were not holding any card at all. Now, it's their exact card in their own hand in the photo. Reactions are incredible!

Available on the App Store and Google Play to download now.

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Without revealing anything, if you think you know how this is done, you're probably wrong. It's a lot more basic than you think, and not in a good way. There is no green screen type tech, there is no auto placement or sizing of the card, the card can't be rotated, and the options for making it blend in to the lighting are practically non-existent so it looks very much like a photo manipulation unless you get the lighting perfect.

The pro's to this are, the very fast selection of which card to use, so you could even do a truly random card and with a quick peek or marked deck, use the random card they picked.

If you think you now know how to do this trick, and you think you could do it in a photo editor, then by all means do that, because you can. You'd be buying this solely for the convenience of not having to prepare any transparent cut-out card images on your computer or phone before the trick, and having a full deck of images at your disposal quickly.


Ray Thompson

Cheese Smile is a bit cheesy, but for the price not a ripoff. The previous review sums up pretty well the faults. Also, I think the writeup on your website is a little misleading.


This trick is a joke.

Alignment is not easy to accomplish when you or the subject moves. No forgiveness of alignment means the photo just looks bad.

Ive gotten a couple to look decent, but under any scrutiny and it's obvious.

Don't waste your money like I did.