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This is a great effect for performing close-up magicians that leaves the audience with a photo memory of the magical moment. The effect is simple: you have someone sign a blank business card and then take a photo of them holding it using their own phone (any camera phone — no apps or special requirements). When they look at the photo, they see that they are actually holding their selected card in the photo. Digital reality has been altered!

  • Borrow ANY PHONE
  • No special apps required
  • Includes the necessary props
  • Alter the digital reality
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Customer reviews for Impression

Official review from MAGIC Magazine

From the April 2015 MAGIC Magazine. Reviewed by Peter Pitchford

Impression is a fantastic effect for close-up workers who want to leave each spectator with a photo that captures a magical moment. Leaving a business card with an audience member is a good idea. Leaving a memento that is tied to a memory of a magsomething magical moment is even better. They will relive the moment every time they see it or tell their friends about it.
And because the moment is captured on a phone, the participant can send it around (and tag the performer) on social media. It is built-in advertising.