Magic by Jason Yu

Imprint DVD
DVD by Jason Yu - $34.95

What is it like to go beyond our dimension and sneak into another? Sounds like Hollywood type of special effect, except now you get to show people LIVE IN PERSON. Jason Yu from SansMinds' in-house designer team has designed Imprint to challenge the boundary of what visual magic could...

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Impression DVD
DVD by Jason Yu - $34.95

This is a great effect for performing close-up magicians that leaves the audience with a photo memory of the magical moment. The effect is simple: you have someone sign a blank business card and then take a photo of them holding it using their own phone (any camera phone — no apps or special...

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Impale DVD
DVD by Nicholas Lawrence and Jason Yu - $39.95

Imagine having a sharpie marker gently touch a deck of cards, only to have it start sinking through the deck like a hot knife melting through butter.  While your audience is in utter ashtonishment by the impossible visual, you pull the sharpie out and dump out the entire deck of cards from...

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Extract DVD
DVD by Jason Yu - $29.95

Putting a 3-dimensional object into something flat already sounds like a miracle. Imprint by Jason Yu did exactly that. But what do you do after performing such an impossible feat? SansMinds present the ideal conclusion to Imprint. Of course, it can be used on it's own as well. Imagine...

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