Natural Selections - Volume 2

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Natural Selections - Volume 2 - magic

Every time I pick up a David Acer book, I am fascinated by the amount of original material he has produced. He has a lot of original plots, as well as great work on existing ones.

David Acer is also a comedian, and he writes in a very entertaining way, without removing focus from the magic. This even makes the most tedious coin routine a joy to read.

Sprinkled in here and there, are small stories about amusing incidents in Acer's life. While some people would say it's padding, I say it's not. The book is jam-packed with material, so the stories are merely energy-boosters that will keep you from putting the book down.

The book has loads of photographs to aid teaching, and the descriptions are very detailed. All sleights used in the routines are explained and credited accordingly.

Mr. Acer is not a cards-only guy, so you will find everything from watches and coins to ropes and credit cards in the book.

My favorite item in the book is probably "Madcap"; a version of David Roth's "Karate Koin", using a bottle cap!


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