Magic by David Acer

Natural Selections - Volume 2 Book
Natural Selections - Volume 2
Book by David Acer - 37.00

Every time I pick up a David Acer book, I am fascinated by the amount of original material he has produced. He has a lot of original plots, as well...

Random Acts of Magic Book
Random Acts of Magic
Book by David Acer - 45.00

David Acer is both hilarious, and a great writer. This combination makes for an easy read. There are 59 magic items in the book, and this...

More Power to You Book
More Power to You
Book by David Acer - 40.00

David Acer is a wildly talented magic creator and performer. He has won awards for his television credits and stand-up comedy, and he published...

Gift of the Magi Trick
Gift of the Magi
Trick by David Acer - 25.00

You want to leave an impression of real magic in the minds of your audience?Effect:The magician has a card on the back of a colorful Christmas tree....

Open Traveller DVD
Open Traveller
DVD by David Acer - 30.00

In the Fall of 2002, David Acer embarked on a multi-city tour, beginning in Edmonton, Alberta, where he and magician/comedian Rick Bronson were asked...

Pickpocket Accessory
Accessory by David Acer - 9.00

Just when you thought there was nothing new in packet tricks, along comes Pickpocket with a roar! Four blank-faced cards are introduced,...

Pick Pocket Trick
Pick Pocket
Trick by David Acer - 9.50

Magic That Grabs You! The magician introduces four blank-faced cards, each with a picture of a quarter on its face. The spectator is given a 5th card...