Out of this Century

Trick by Henry Evans ($25.00)

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Fans of Oil & Water routines need look no further than this, Out of this Century by the ever-creative mind of Henry Evans. Red and black cards are separated instantly in just with a snap of the fingers.

The effect is as follows. You have your spectator riffle shuffle a deck of cards on the table, after which you spread the cards to show they are well mixed before completing the riffle and squaring the deck. You then show another small packet of face up cards, showing the red and black cards mixed. You close the packet up and immediately deal them down to show the red and black cards have now separated. Now for the full deck (which has been in full view on the table since being shuffled). You turn over the deck that was shuffled by the spectator moments before and lo and behold, all the red cards have now separated from all the black cards.

Incredibly visual, incredibly clean, Out of this Century is exactly how Oil & Water routines should be. Visual, fast and magical.

  • Easy to perform
  • Clean, fast and visual
  • Spectator shuffles the cards

Available in Red or Blue backs. With your purchase you get the required special cards in red back, as well as a DVD with full detailed explanations.

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