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Rejoined is a stunning and incredibly visual signed torn and restored card routine like no other, from the creative minds of Julio Montoro and João Miranda.

The effect is as follows. The performer spreads the cards and asks the spectator to remove any card, which is then signed on the back at one end by the spectator and at the other end by the magician. The magician then openly tears the card in two without cover, leaving two halves, each with a signature. One half is turned face down and the other face up, and placed together. Without any suspicious moves, the magician shows the pieces have rejoined - one half face up and one half face down and joined at the un-torn ends of the cards, which is then immediately handed to the spectator to inspect and keep as a souvenir!

The tear is genuine and your spectators clearly see the card being ripped, and the restoration is right in front of their eyes with no suspicious moves. An incredible piece of magic and reputation maker.

  • Easy to learn and perform
  • Highly visual restoration
  • Creates a wonderful souvenir

Your purchase comes with complete with the very special material used in the effect, providing enough for 60 performances.

Please note: Rejoined is only available in red back version.

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