The Grid

DVD by Richard Wiseman
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The Grid

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DVD by Richard Wiseman ($35.00)

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The Grid - magic

One of the hits of the 2012 EMC convention: a magic square routine by Richard Wiseman using a deck of cards.

In effect, a spectator selects a card from a deck of numbered cards. The magician then deals out four hands of cards and asks the spectator to guess which hand adds up to the same number he has chosen. Incredibly, the spectator is correct. The chosen hand does add up to his selected number. But that's not all as each of the other three hands also reveals the chosen number.

The four hands are quickly arranged into a 4 x 4 grid to form a magic square. Each column, diagonal, and row now adds up to the chosen number. Even the four corners total the number.

Finally, the cards are turned over to reveal a message that also predicts the chosen number. Complete with special deck. Totally self-working. Easy to reset. Different numbers can be selected.

Richard Wiseman is a fascinating magician and we are impressed with this, his first trick release.

Includes cards and DVD

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Customer reviews for The Grid

Peter Anderson

I ordered this last week and it arrived two days later. Great service. The trick fooled me on the trailer and I am impressed with how usable it is. I'm a big fan of what the EMC guys are doing and am really glad to have picked this trick up!


Steve Anderson

With just a moderate amount of practice you have an impactful effect that really blows away a crowd. You can even customize the surprise ending to show a specific persons name on the message. 9.5 out of 10