The Wisdom of Solomon

Book by David Solomon ($50.00)

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David Solomon is a genius! His books are the rarest kind: FUN to read with a deck in hand. You can just devour his latest and most comprehensive work to date. Whether your interests are clever, self-working card magic or more challenging sleights, you’ll find something of interest here.  

Solomon is a disciple of Marlo, and you see the best parts of Marlo present here: clever methods and direct effects. What interests us as much as anything in the book is the section on the magic of Don May, Marlo’s most elusive and little-known student. Don May vanished years ago, and his section in this book is a rare glimpse at the man’s genius. “Stinger Monte” took the magic world by storm when this book was first released.  

Some more stats to keep in mind: 

The Wisdom of Solomon Features:

  • More than 50 card effects, with over 200 photos
  • Full Presentational Pieces for any audience.
  • Effects for the Intermediate through Expert card Enthusiast
  • Commercial Stunners & Magician Foolers
  • A Dose of Clever Gaffed Effects
  • A Chapter of Don May's magic
  • Unpublished Ed Marlo Tricks
  • David Solomon's Personal Reflections

Highlighted Effects:

  • A signed Joker becomes the signed selection
  • Gypsy Curse with new patter
  • Double Clock effect
  • Don May's No Strip Multiple Shifts
  • Expert Poker Deals
  • Blank Jazz Aces with presentation

212 Pages - Hardbound with Dust Jacket

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