Incredible Flying Knots

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This is a great rope trick! We love it. 

Incredible Flying Knots is an amazing rope trick! It's visual, funny, surprising, and packs small. You take three different colored ropes and you tie a knot in each one. Then you place a white rope in your hand, but you do NOT tie a knot in it! Three different colored ropes, each having a knot, are in one hand, and a white rope with no knot is in the other hand. You say the magic words and immediately, the knots vanish from the colored ropes and they appear on the white rope! You have three colored ropes without knots in one hand, and a white rope having three colored knots in the other hand. The reactions are priceless! And the best part -- the setup is so fast and easy.

Incredible Flying Knots is a great magical effect for all ages, and you'll have fun performing it!


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