Magic by Ra Magic Shop

90ft Mouth Coil Trick
90ft Mouth Coil
Trick by Ra Magic Shop - $10.95

Have you been looking for the ideal mouth coil? Well, we may have just found it for you. Imagine being able to pull 90 feet (YES! 90!) of paper ribbon from your mouth Created by Ra El Mago and Metusen each coil is 90 feet long, and is of super high quality. 90ft Mouth Coil uses Origami...

Clockwise Vanish Magic download (video)
Clockwise Vanish
Magic download (video) by Ra Magic Shop - $12.00

Amazing visual card magic that is perfect for Instagram, TikTok and Facebook. With Clockwise Vanish, a playing card visually vanishes in front of everyone's eyes. The card literally looks like it's disintegrating into thin air. Card manipulators and social media magicians are going to love this...

Santa Hat Tear Trick
Santa Hat Tear
Trick by Ra Magic Shop - $13.95

Just in time for Christmas comes the perfect giveaway souvenir, it's the Santa Hat Tear! Here's a Torn and Restored Paper Hat routine perfect for the Holiday Season. A kid volunteer comes onstage, where the magician shows one red and one white piece of paper. Both pieces are torn, but then...

Carnival Streamer Christmas Trick
Carnival Streamer Christmas
Trick by Ra Magic Shop - $24.95 $18.96 (SAVE $5.99)

If you want to get audience attention, especially around the holidays, there's nothing quite like the Carnival Streamer Christmas. Each one has 30 lines that are 16 feet long and can't fail to get noticed. Get yours today!Contains 10 Christmas Carnival Streamers.

Witch Hat Paper Tear Trick
Witch Hat Paper Tear
Trick by Ra Magic Shop - $13.95

Perfect for your Halloween or mother-in-law needs, it's the Witch Hat Paper Tear. Two pieces of paper are torn apart, but when magically restored, they form a black and orange witch's hat! This is quite startling for the spectator and a great give-away item!

Crazy Halloween Trick
Crazy Halloween
Trick by Ra Magic Shop and Julio Abreu - $39.95

Need a great stage effect with loads of audience participation? Then Crazy Halloween is here to fill that void. You show a zombie hand that points left, right, up and down as you flip over a large card. Yet something goes wrong and the direction begin showing up out of order. Kids will scream and...

Crazy Carrot Trick
Crazy Carrot
Trick by Ra Magic Shop - $39.95

Crazy Carrot by Ra El Mago and Julio Abreu, is an interactive trick that is great for kids - they really get involved! The carrot first points to the right, then left, up and down. The kids can name the pointing direction, while the magician keeps making mistakes - don't worry, they scream...

Playful Santa XL Trick
Playful Santa XL
Trick by Ra Magic Shop - $79.95

If you are looking for a holiday-themed effect with great audience participation, Playful Santa by Ra Magic Shop and Julio Abreu is the effect for you! You'll have kids yelling and screaming by the end of this effect! You show a packet of 9 reindeer cards, but the kids keep...

Carnival Streamer Trick
Carnival Streamer
Trick by Ra Magic Shop - $29.95

This Carnival Streamer is a throw streamer created by Ra El Mago and Metusen. It has 30 lines for each time you use it, providing a great and visual effect. Each one is 16 feet long, made of high quality materials. This adds great depth to your show. Vibrant Colors and very visual. Contains 10...

Bikini Tear Trick
Bikini Tear
Trick by Ra Magic Shop - $13.50 $10.26 (SAVE $3.24)

While we can't particularly imagine why it would ever be a good idea to do a torn and restored paper effect, and then turn those tissue papers into a bikini...maybe you will know what to do with it. But whatever you do with it, don't be an idiot about it. This is the sort of prop that could be...

Incredible Flying Knots Trick
Incredible Flying Knots
Trick by Ra Magic Shop - $34.95

This is a great rope trick! We love it.  Incredible Flying Knots is an amazing rope trick! It's visual, funny, surprising, and packs small. You take three different colored ropes and you tie a knot in each one. Then you place a white rope in your hand, but you do NOT tie a knot...

Crazy Christmas Trick
Crazy Christmas
Trick by Ra Magic Shop - $39.95

From the creators of Crazy Carrot and Crazy Halloween, this effect will really get the kids going and having fun. A Christmas tree points right, left, up or down, only to switch directions when you aren't looking. And, of course, the kids will be happy to let you know when you've messed up! And...