It Was You

Trick by Bruno Copin ($82.50)

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Signed card to Wallet is a great effect, but often lacking in premise. It's time to take that effect and turn it into an experience; one that will stick with an audience and not let go. Welcome to It Was You.

In this "experience", a signed postcard travels to a sealed envelope, but that hardly encapsulates the impact of this effect. That comes from the beautiful and romantic hook provided by Copin, which takes your spectators on an emotional journey that will tug on their heartstrings and leave them with a souvenir to anchor the impact for years to come.

However, the effect on an audience is not the only impressive part of this effect. The highly original method, while advanced, is extremely clever, and provides a palm-free solution to Card to Wallet. The combination with the premise will prove oh-so devastating for your spectators.

Get It Was You and get ready to melt some minds and hearts.

This comes with an instructional DVD, 32 postcards (approx. 3 1/2" x 2 1/4" [9 cm x 5.75 cm]), 2 envelopes, a special box and Copin's I.T.

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