Magic by Bruno Copin

It Was You Trick
It Was You
Trick by Bruno Copin - $82.50

Signed card to Wallet is a great effect, but often lacking in premise. It's time to take that effect and turn it into an experience; one that will stick with an audience and not let go. Welcome to It Was You. In this "experience", a signed postcard travels to a sealed envelope, but that...

Copin's Invisible Thread Accessory
Copin's Invisible Thread
Accessory by Bruno Copin - $36.70

Practically undetectable, Copin's Invisible Thread is of the highest quality and allows for insane effects, even when in the hand of the spectator! Beside its quality, the lengh of the thread is about a 300 feet long, and should fill your need for a very long time. ...

DVD by Bruno Copin - $30.00

Three different presentations of a perfect rising card with a borrowed deck. The spectator freely picks the card and everything can be controlled before and after the experience.Magic Pitcher: The spectator becomes the magician.Great Escape: A subtle steal. This effect could have been called...

REFILL It Was You Trick
Trick by Bruno Copin - $17.50

Replacement postcards for It Was You.Includes 32 postcards only.Postcard Dimensions Approximately 3 1/2" x 2 1/4" (9cm x 5.75cm)

Crazy Ball DVD
Crazy Ball
DVD by Bruno Copin - $60.75

Cup routines are numerous. Crazy Ball is an innovative and highly original version in which you will find almost all of the key effects of magic.Crazy Ball is full of crazy effects (appearances, disappearances, transpositions, penetrations, transformations and levitations). Crazy Ball is the result...

Copin's ITS Accessory
Copin's ITS
Accessory by Bruno Copin - $50.60

Ever 'lose' a thread in the middle of a performance? Well now you have I.T.S. to back you up! Instant Thread Security is essential for all those who use the invisible thread! Very practical and easy to use, fits in your pocket and is magnetic. It makes it possible for the...

The Wedding DVD
The Wedding
DVD by Bruno Copin - $53.12

WEDDING is a love story about a king and a lady in which you manipulate the cards like puppets. This routine can be presented in table-hopping situations.A deck of cards appears, the castle. Little by little the cards come to life. Your spectators enter into the dream. Worthy of particular...

Friend - Volume2 DVD
Friend - Volume2
DVD by Bruno Copin - $140.00

Final DVD in a 2 Volume series of original close-up effects created by Bruno Copin. All of the effects in these DVDs are accompanied by specially composed music. The explanations are specially filmed in interactive multiangles. Highly Didactic. Specific materials have been supplied with the DVDs....