The Traveler

Trick by Jeff Copeland ($20.25 - normally $29.95)

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Jeff Copeland has created the epitome of style, form and function, designed with the serious coin worker in mind with this, The Traveler.

The hand-made Traveler Coin Wallet was originally crafted to hold and carry your prized coins and small wares. However, Jeff has ingeniously added a special feature to The Traveler that allows it to double as a utility gimmick that will allow you to also perform killer coin magic.

Each Traveler is meticulously selected from the finest, cured goat leather, and individually hand sewn by a seasoned, leather-tanning artisan.

Key features:

  • Made from cured goat leather
  • Individually hand sewn
  • Securely carry your coins
  • 'Secret' utility gimmick

The Traveler is the world first coin wallet to infuse magic and aesthetic function into one unique coin wallet that will gain natural character over time.

Bonus: Each Traveler will also include a secret URL that will deliver five original routines from Jeff's working library to use with your new Traveler Coin Wallet.

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Customer reviews for The Traveler

Hands-down the best magic purchase that I have ever made. With both the quality of the prop and the quality of the included routines, I feel like they could have charged more for this.


Russ Martin

I recommend using this with "Triad Coins". I carry it, loaded, and use it as my day-in, day-out coin purse. I strategically used some talcum powder . . .


Corrado Fogliarini

Probably my best magic purchase of the last 5 years! This is the magic utility that I love! Stylish, smart, useful.
A real tool that allows you to expand your repertoire and your creativity.