Magic by Jeff Copeland

The Traveler Coin Wallet  Accessory
The Traveler Coin Wallet
Accessory by Jeff Copeland - $29.95

Jeff Copeland has created the epitome of style, form and function, designed with the serious coin worker in mind with this, The Traveler. The...

Blackbird Trick
Trick by Jeff Copeland - $59.95

Jeff Copeland's Blackbird is the quickest, cleanest way to hold-out and produce coins at will. It is the magician's new, ultimate, spy tool that...

Trésor Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Trésor
Trick by Jeff Copeland - From $39.95

Trésor /trez-ore/ is a collection of hyper-visual, coin magic routines & sleights that you can do! Taught in a brand new digital format, it will...

Reialme Trick
Trick by Jeff Copeland - From $39.95

Reialme /rhe-al-me/ is an experiential journey focusing on sleight of hand magic using coins in edge grip positions. The voyager who takes pursuit...

Tiger Tan Trick
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Tiger Tan
Trick by Jeff Copeland - $99.00

The Tiger-Tan Coin is a fictitious piece of "money art" featuring the majestic TIGER and the elusive oranguTAN. These coins were designed...