Napkin Rose Kit

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Trick by Michael Mode ($14.95)

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Napkin Rose Kit - magic

The Napkin Rose Kit includes 50 red and green custom napkins and a digital download of the DVD Napkin Roses by Michael Mode.

On this digital download Michael Mode will teach you how to easily twist a napkin into a realistic origami rose. In addition to the Basic Napkin Rose twist, you will also learn several cool tips and tricks developed by Michael over the years.

This video includes:

  • Introduction 
  • The Napkin Rose 
  • Making the Rose Glow (glowing rose requires purchase of D'Lite, not included) 
  • One-Ply Napkin Rose 
  • A Rose By Any Other Name - Learn how to print your name or logo right on the rose! 
  • Smells Like a Rose - How to make a scented Napkin Rose 
  • Tea Rose - A really great miniature version of the Napkin Rose! 
  • Extras - Learn the best way to carry the roses, give the roses away, teach the Napkin Rose and much more! 
  • Rose and a Kiss - Bonus magic trick with a really sweet ending! 
  • Torn and Rose-Tored - Another bonus magic trick, a visual way to pull the flower off the stem and magically restore it right before you give it away! 
  • Final Thoughts 
  • Credits

Running Time: Approx. 25 minutes

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