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Trick by Jeff Kaylor and Anton James ($9.95)

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The Ultimate Networking Tool is an interesting concept: using mentalism to get the contact information of people you meet. As the name suggests, it is a great way to network, collect and store contact information for prospective clients such as people who you meet at shows that are interested in hiring you for their event.

The Ultimate Networking Tool is a system for being prepared to make lasting connections in an impressive way. Not only will you leave your new contact with a memorable interaction, you will have obtained information such as their name, phone number, and email address as well as key details about this person that will help your relationship develop.

The traditional way used to be to give the client a business card. But as professional magicians know, the client often loses it or forgets to call. So over the past few years, many magicians have been asking for the clients' business card. The problem there: not everyone has a business card, and even if they do, most people often forget to carry them around.

Therefore, the clever idea that Jeff Kaylor and Anton James have done is turn getting their info into a piece of magic that involves having the spectator write down their info.

Unfortunately, the trailer doesn't show any performances. But the concept is solid and we know that professional magicians around the world will make use of the Ultimate Networking Tool.

"The best, most entertaining way to get more leads. It solves all the problems when you meet a potential client and they don't have a business card on them." Erick Olson, Corporate Magician

Includes wallet, DVD and booklet

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